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Daria Jones has been trying for almost seven years to get over her past. After starting college, finding an awesome group of friends and falling in love she thinks she has finally accomplished just that. When she’s drug back to face her past and the dangers that it entails, she comes to the realization that she can never have the normal life that others do. That the love of her life and her friends are better off without her.

Cade Johnson has been compared to a God on the football field. He had pretty much always been a player on and off the field. He had been called a man-whore but it never bothered him. Part of his past made him afraid that he could never truly commit to one person. That is until after starting college he meets his best friend Gabby’s roommate. He loves the feisty no holds barred person that is Daria Jones. After a couple of great years together he figures out Daria has some secrets. Secrets are a deal breaker for him. Since she won’t share her past he calls it quits. That is when they are both attacked.

Waking up to a life without Daria isn’t what Cade ever wanted to envision for himself. He has turned into a bitter lonely man. He has come to the conclusion that he’ll never have that kinda love again. Just then Daria shows back up in his life. Can they keeping fighting the temptation of their love and attraction? Can he convince Daria that she deserves love like everyone else?

This is the Third and Final Chapter in the Temptation Series.


My Review

5 of 5 Fighting Temptation Daria & Cade

Fighting Temptation Lord where to begin..... I LOVED LOVED LOVED Cade and Daria's story. It has been a whirlwind of reading for me in this series. I mean S.M. captures your heart and she never lets it go. I feel so invested in these characters just like they were best friends I hung out with all the time.

Cade has finally opened his heart up to Daria and let her all the way in only for her to disappear and tell him she needs space. He doesn't like it one bit but he is determined to give her her space and in this he will do whatever it takes to get Daria back in his life on a more permanent basis. Cade is determined to have her in his bed in his house and all over him but what can he do to make Daria realize he is for real and he loves her and no matter what the go through he is going to be there for her.

Lord help me Daria my heart breaks for her because lets face it her father is a douche extraordinaire who used his daughter and got her hurt. But Daria took a chance on Cade and gave him her heart but she fears her past may destroy him so she backs off. That is hard to do when the boy won't stay away. Daria knows she wants and needs Cade but fear is a bitch and when it plays out and something happens to her and Cade she knows she is willing to do whatever it takes to keep him safe. Even if it means staying away from him which is proving to be more difficult by the moment.

In this epic conclusion to the series we get to see who stayed together and who parted ways and most importantly we get to see what true love and true friendship is all about. Will Cade and Daria get their HEA......... you will have to read it to find out!

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Cade’s POV

Pulling into to Daria’s parking area, I notice all of the security cameras and a few security guards. I’m glad her dad at least took that into consideration. Considering that, if it wasn’t for his ass, she wouldn’t need all of this. Her life wouldn’t be nearly as complicated as it is. 

I knock on her front door, but she doesn’t answer. Maybe she’s in the bathroom or something. I use her code after I open the door. 


No answer. I hear the shower running. I should wait out here, but I can’t. I think about her naked body all soapy. 

I slip into her bathroom and quietly pull open the shower door. I get the biggest turn on of my life. She’s standing there with her leg on the bench, rubbing her clit. I can’t help myself 


She spins around. “What the hell?”

“Would you like some help?”


After we’ve both gotten off in the shower, we take our time drying each other off. 

I hear a buzzer. “Daria, do you hear that?”

“Oh shit! The pizza. I forgot. It must be my security guy.” 

She steps out into the hall where there is an intercom. “Yes?”

“Ms. Jones, there is a delivery from Jo Jo’s Pizza. Did you want us to send him to your door?”

“Yes. That will be fine. Thank you.”

I pull on my boxers and lounge pants. Looking over at her, I tell her, “I’ll get the door.”

She smiles, towel drying her hair. “Okay, I laid some money with a coupon thing on the counter in there. They owe me a free pizza since mine was cold and turned bottom side up the last time they delivered.”

I shake my head and leave the bathroom, pulling my shirt on at the same time. I answer the door, put the pizza on the counter in the kitchen, and search for plates and cups. I look around her kitchen, I know Daria; those things are normally in close proximity to the microwave. Jackpot. 

I check the fridge to see what she has to drink. Yep just as I suspected a fridge full of Dr. Pepper. I grab a couple and set them on the table. She walks in the kitchen wearing a pair of Betty Boop pajamas. Damn, I want to rip her clothes off again. 

Daria’s POV

By the time we reach the apartment, I know Cade is about to blow, so I stop. I tuck him back in his boxer briefs and smile. Once he stops the car, he’s out and around by the time I’m stepping out. He picks me up and throws me over his shoulder caveman style, running into the apartment. As we make our way through the foyer, he pulls my boots off while I’m still slung over his shoulder. Once we get into the bedroom, he sets me down on my feet. I spin around and grind my hips into his erection.

“Oh, lil girl, you better not start playing these games.”

I work my top over my head, and then I start on the jeans. I bend over in front of him with my best porn star pose, pulling at my ass cheeks. “What games do you mean?”

He smacks me on the ass. “Your little teasing games.” He grabs me from behind, nibbling and biting on my neck. “These are cute. Are they new?”

“Oh, you win the boyfriend award for noticing the new lingerie.”

“What kind of prize do I get?”

“I can come up with a few.” I turn around and face him. “When did you take off your clothes?”

He grins. “You aren’t the only one with stripper skills, baby.”

He flips the clasp on my bra and it comes open. I slide it off my shoulders. He picks me up and tosses me on the bed. I squeal as he settles over me. He kisses me gently, making each one count. 

About the Author: 

S.M. Donaldson is a wife and mother based on the Gulf Coast of the Florida Panhandle. She’s funny, sarcastic and has been known to have a potty mouth. She’s worked in many different fields in her life but, she has always dreamed of writing short stories and books. She recently penned her first series of novels Sam’s Choice and Sam’s Fight for Freedom. She is currently working on The Temptation Series.

To learn more about S.M. Donaldson visit her at:
Twitter: @ SMDonaldson1

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