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ATOMR Presents Margaret From Maine by Joseph Monniger

 Author: Joseph Monninger
Title: Margaret from Maine
Publisher: Plume (Penguin)
Release date: December 24, 2012
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Book Description:
The end of Maine Guardsman Sgt. Thomas Kennedy’s conscious life is ushered in by a flash of light on a plain in Afghanistan. While he languishes in a veterans’ hospital, Thomas’s devoted wife, Margaret, is raising their son on a dairy farm in rural Maine. She receives an invitation to Washington, DC, to meet the President of the United States as he signs a bill in support of wounded veterans with war veteran and West Point graduate Charlie King as her appointed escort. Charlie and Margaret’s shared circumstances inspire them to confide in one another. Suddenly, the pair creates a private world all their own, leaving the effects of war behind them.  Margaret’s vows to her husband linger, raising a series of harrowing choice.

My Review
5 of 5 Margaret From Maine
Margaret From Maine is a heart and gut wrenching story about what happens to the loved ones left when their spouse goes to war. I laughed and I cried reading this book because I remember waiting by the door waiting to hear the bad news every time someone died over seas. Someone close to me served two tours in the gulf war and Afghanistan and every time I saw the state car I would panic thinking the worst. So while I was reading this I could feel every thing Margaret felt.

Margaret loves her life in rural Maine with her son. Her husband is off in the war and gets injured and leaves Margaret to raise their son alone in Maine. At first she is weary but she does like most wives do and they pick up right where they left off. Then the President passes a bill that helps Veterans and their families who have been injured in war. Margaret is invited to the Capitol to hear the president talk about the bill and the benefits the veteran will receive. 

It is upon this invitation that a young handsome Foreign Service Officer decides he is going to escort her to Washington. Charlie King decides he will escort Margaret so she does not have to go to the Capitol all by herself. It is on this road trip that Margaret and Charlie fall in love. Margaret is torn because her husband is not dead just in a coma and she knows he will never wake up. She wants to be happy because she has fallen in love with Charlie but she is loyal to her marriage vows and she has her son to think about. This story is so hauntingly heart breaking because Margaret must chose to live her life in happiness of continue to live a shell of a life. What will Margaret chose?

This is a must read for all those who love a great love story!
About the Author:
Joseph Monninger is the author of Eternal on the Water and The World as We Know It, as well as several award-winning young-adult novels.  A professor of English literature, he lives in New Hampshire.  Visit him online at 

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