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ATOMR Presents A Promo Blitz For TEN DAYS OF PERFECT, by Andrea Randall

Title: Ten Days of Perfect
Author: Andrea Randall
Release date: September 19, 2012
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: Adult

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Book Description:
This is the first book in the November Blue series.

Scars from her first love, and the reckless lifestyle of her parents force Ember Harris to chart a new course. She favors practicality over spontaneity, and rules over a broken heart.

An encounter with a musician at a local pub forces Ember into making a decision between letting go or holding on for dear life as passions are unlocked and deceptions revealed.

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Excerpt #1
“Hey,” he said as he rocked his shoulder in to mine, “that was crazy good. I’ve never sung that song live before either.”

Bo’s shoulder paused on mine as he placed his elbows on bent knees, dangling his pint from his long fingers. He slipped off his black Sperry’s and dragged his toes through the sand. Even his feet are sexy.

“Still, you’re an asshole. I nearly fainted!”

My scalp tingled as he brushed my hair aside, dancing his fingers across the back of my neck. His hands were tight, like guitar strings, and just as delicate. Despite the callused fingertips that come from years of plucking, their graze was soft and inviting.

“Forgive me,” he chuckled as he pressed his thick, soft lips on the spot where my neck meets my shoulders.

“K,” I sighed as I turned my lips to his.

He grabbed my chin and turned my face away as he worked his lips from the base of my neck to my ear. Nothing inside me had recovered from the night before, but I was nearly panting for more. I felt utterly helpless as his lips grazed my ear a second time. All I could do was kiss the top of his head, which caused him to right himself and look me straight in the eyes. I leaned forward and pressed my lips into his sharp jaw line. His breath stopped for a moment as I pulled my lips away and returned them to his neck. Our pint glasses hit the sand, and he placed both hands behind my head. Once again, his eyes held mine captive.
About the Author
Andrea Randall is a 2005 graduate of Cornell University and currently lives in Western Massachusetts with her husband and three children. 

Ten Days of Perfect is available for Kindle and paperback through Amazon now!

Reckless Abandon (Book 2 in the November Blue Series) will be released in March 2013!

I started writing poetry long before writing fiction. I firmly believe Poetry is a solid foundation for all other forms of writing. It taught me that a single word can make or break the world. 

I write fiction because my characters have a story and they want me to tell it. 

I hope you enjoy the pieces of my soul that I share with you.

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Excerpt #2
“Adrian Turner, please.” I held my voice steady on the phone. Monica watched me. She looked like she was boiling with excitement.

“May I tell him who’s calling?” the unsuspecting secretary responded.

“Of course, November Harris from The Hope Foundation.”

“Seriously?” Monica whispered. “As opposed to the November Harris from the ‘Girls You Sexed Up foundation’?” I threw my pen at her.

“Just one moment, Ms. Harris.” I was clicked to hold.

I mouthed to Monica that I was on hold but in an instant, I wasn’t.

“Adrian Turner here.” His voice hadn’t changed at all. It purred through the phone and headed straight for the recesses of my brain. No! You don’t live there anymore, Turner

“Adrian, hi!” 

“November? How are you?” He did his best to sound surprised.

“Oh, listen to you, acting all surprised that it’s me when your secretary took my name,” I teased while Monica shot me a ‘thumbs up’.

“Witty as ever, I see.” Adrian’s voice retained its purr.

“Listen, Adrian-” I was ready to attack, but he cut me off.

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