Thursday, October 31, 2013

GCR Presents Strip Me Bare By Marrisa Carmel Blog Tour Stop

Strip Me Bare by Marissa Carmel
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Published: October 7th, 2013, 227 pages


“I may have had more lovers than you, and I may take my clothes off for countless women, but you are the only one who can strip me bare.” 

Do you ever stop loving someone just because they’re gone? 

Five years ago Ryan Pierce disappeared from Alana Remington’s life without leaving so much as a post-it note behind. He was the one she gave her heart to, her soul to and her virginity to. So imagine her surprise when she finds him dancing at one of NYC’s hottest male reviews as Jack the Stripper. 

Ryan never stopped loving Alana, and now that she serendipitously dropped back into his life, he’s vowed never to lose her again. But being together has its costs, and challenges Alana isn’t sure she can handle. She finally has Ryan back; but how in the world is she supposed to share the love of her life with half of the women in New York City?

My Review

5 of 5 Strip Me Bare

OMG let me tell you this book is HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

I love books where the main characters now what they want and fight for what they want. This is one of those stories that had me screaming, crying, and cussing all at once because I wanted there to be a happy ending and I just was not sure that was going to happen. Lord I was reading so fast and then I had to slow down because I did not want to miss a thing. 

Ryan and Alana are good together. Ryan is Alana's everything, he is her first for everything and she loves him like no one's business and she is so happy to spend time with him. Then one day Ryan disappears without leaving a note or telling anyone where he is going. Alana is devastated and it seems like life can't go on but she keeps going and ends up in New York.

It is there in New York at an all male strippers club Alana see Ryan. At first she is not sure that it is Ryan but when he sees her he is determined to get back the only girl he has ever loved. But Ryan's life has changed and he is known as Jack the stripper and the girls love him and chase him and want to do naughty things to him and he fights them off because he is determined to get Alana back and keep her.

The question is can Alana handle all the attention Ryan is getting? Will she be able to deal with all the girls throwing their panties at her man?

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About Marissa:

Marissa Carmel has loved writing ever since a young age. She has a duel degree in History and Political Science, but took as many creative writing classes in college as she could. She spent most of her twenties bartending, which is where she met her husband and a multitude of interesting people. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s hanging out with her family, experimenting in her kitchen or doing yoga on the living room floor. 



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