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Inkslinger Presents Seven Day Fiancé (Love and Games #2) by Rachel Harris Release Day Launch

Rachel Harris' SEVEN DAY FIANCE is finally here! 

You can get it in your hands (well, on your ereader) right now! You don't want to miss this fantastic Contemporary Romance from Rachel Harris. Book 2 in the Love and Game Series, SEVEN DAY FIANCE can be read as a standalone. Check out all of the information regarding this fantastic novel and Rachel Harris below! Then, celebrate Rachel's Book Birthday by entering the giveaway for an ecopy of Book 1, TASTE THE HEAT!

Isn't that cover pretty?? Read on and find out everything you need to know below! 


Angelle Prejean is in a pickle. Her family is expecting her to come home with a fiancé—a fiancé who doesn’t exist. Well, he exists, but he definitely has no idea Angelle told her mama they were engaged. Tattooed, muscled, and hotter than sin, Cane can reduce Angelle to a hot mess with one look—and leave her heart a mess if she falls for him. But when she ends up winning Cane at a charity bachelor auction, she knows just how to solve her fiancé problem.

Cane Robicheaux is no one’s prince. He doesn’t do relationships and he doesn’t fall in love. When sweet, sultry-voiced Angelle propositions him, he hopes their little game can finally get her out of his head. He doesn’t expect her to break through all his barriers. But even as Angelle burrows deeper into his heart, he knows once their seven days are up, so is their ruse.


My Review

5 of 5 Seven Day Fiance

Rachel Harris totally rocked my socks off with this one! I mean lord the bad bot Cane is so delicious and hiding a real guy underneath all his love em and leave em attitude. That tag and bag attitude had me laughing because his tats and attitude have people fooled. But Angelle stole the story because she is so dam funny with her made up fiance and her made up wedding plans. Man this book had me laughing thinking about how she told her family she had a fiance and she wasn't even dating.

But things change for the better for Angelle when she wins Cane Robicheaux in a bachelor charity auction. She asks Cane to go along with being her fiance for seven days and a t first Cane doesn't think it is a good idea but soon gives in to her because deep down inside Cane is curious about her and he wants to get to know her better so he can get her out of his system but what happens is anything but ordinary for these two.

I have to say that if you want a cute quirky love story about two people who are opposites of each other but find one common ground to come together then this is the story for you. I loved how things weren't rushed and things played out. I love a good romance story and I loved how Rachel threw some monkey wrenches in the mix but at the end of the day these two people from opposite worlds come together and make it work.

Rachel huge kudos to you and I can't wait for the next book you write! As always you totally ROCK MY SOCKS OFF!

Rachel Harris Bio:

Rachel Harris grew up in New Orleans, where she watched soap operas with her grandmother and stayed up late sneak reading her mama’s favorite romance novels. Now a Cajun cowgirl living in Houston, she still stays up way too late reading her favorite romances, only now, she can do so openly. She firmly believes life’s problems can be solved with a hot, powdered-sugar-coated beignet or a thick slice of king cake, and that screaming at strangers for cheap, plastic beads is acceptable behavior in certain situations.

When not typing furiously or flipping pages in an enthralling romance, she homeschools her two beautiful girls and watches reality television with her amazing husband. Taste The Heat is her adult romance debut. She’s the author of MY SUPER SWEET SIXTEENTH CENTURY and A TALE OF TWO CENTURIES. She loves hearing from readers! 




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