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A Little Bit Of R&R Tours Presents Master for Tonight (Book, #1) by Elaine Barris

Title: Master for Tonight (Book 1 in the Master for Tonight Duo)
Author: Elaine Barris
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Release Date: October 10, 2013


***Due to graphic sexual content this book is intended for an audience 18 years or older***

While feeding in the slums of the city, he is interrupted by a woman. Mesmerized, he extracts his fangs from his meal and follows her home. Instantly obsessed, he watches her nightly. Nights turn to months. His desire for her becomes overwhelming. Though fearing the wrath of a vicious Maker who turned him against his will, Julian decides to give Kate the most erotic night of her life, and then walk away. Kate Collins is an average woman in her late-30’s, plagued by panic attacks. Sent home by her boss at the shelter, she prepares to have a night of relaxation…until her doorbell rings. 

Julian Montfort is the most beautiful and masculine man she has ever seen. He exudes ‘maleness’ from his entire body—that certain quality some men have in their DNA that makes a woman recognize her femininity…her ‘womanness.’ That part of her that is soft, malleable, and made to accept him. Drawn to him despite his unconventional arrival, Kate must answer his question: “Can you allow yourself this indulgence? It’s just one night.” 

Deeply sensual and erotic, Master for Tonight is a contemporary vampire romance which goes beyond the burning physical attraction between Julian and Kate, telling a tale of two people drawn together under incomprehensible circumstances, and their fight to be together against all odds. 


My Review

5 of 5 Julian Master For Tonight

Master for Tonight is a great vampire read. I love me some vampire stories anyways but this one took the icing on the cake. Sometimes I get a little nervous when I read vampire romance but this one flowed so smoothly and the characters were very believable so it was easy to start reading and when I got to the end I was like what the frig I need more.

Julian is the vampire in this story and good God almighty he is sex on a stick. Man this vampire makes you quake reading about him and how gorgeous he is and the sex scenes are of the chart so beware because these scenes will make your mother blush! So Julian is down in the ghetto getting his fix of blood from low life criminals when he hears something and he stops feeding to see the most gorgeous woman he has ever seen in front of him. He wants her she is like a siren calling to him and he is intrigued by her and wants her but he has a jealous maker so he has to be careful so she doesn't get hurt.

As Julian follows the woman he finds out her name is Kate. Julian is determined to find out everything about this woman who has stolen his heart but he knows he can only offer her one night because his maker will kill Kate and possibly kill him to. As Julian starts to get to know Kate he knows he wants her and he can't be without her. As he offers her one night of passion he knows it will not be enough and so night after night they come together and have the greatest sex and the greatest time together Julian has to figure out how to keep Kate safe from his maker.

Can he keep Kate safe or will it all be in vain and his maker kill her........

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He let go of her hands and cut her off, placing a finger over her lips as he rubbed her arm. “The only thing I want tonight is you. The only thing you need to know tonight is I’m going to fuck I wish...for as long as I wish.” He rolled his head in a circle to stretch before looking directly back into her eyes, and added as an afterthought, “Hmm... Hurt you? Your arousal will likely hurt you excruciatingly until I allow your release.” 

And as his sensual voice streaked through her, Kate’s mind shorted out like a tripped wire snapping, completely blank. Her whole body betrayed her yet again by flushing with unrestrainable heat. 

“Stay as you are, Kate.” He pushed the bunched-up nightgown at her waist, down to the floor to pool at her feet. Shivering hard, she moved her hands to cover her nakedness, dropping her head to her chest, avoiding his steady gaze. Grabbing her hands, he moved them back to her sides. He lifted her chin high to face him and said, “I told you to stay as you were, Kate. You will do good to listen to me.” 

His fingers pressed into her hair, curling a bit of it around her ear as he leaned in to the side of her head. His voice lowered seductively until it was a purr in her ear. “I know how to please a woman to the point her voice is hoarse from her screams of desire, her bed linens soaked, and her legs quivering for hours after I’m done.” His lips scantly apart from her ear, his voice dropping lower, he continued, “In the matter of choices, I know which sounds best to me. Do you, beautiful girl? I’ll prove I was worth the trouble of opening your door. Can you allow yourself this indulgence? It’s just one night.” 

About the Author:

I live in North Texas with my husband, four dogs, two cats and a hamster. This is my first venture into writing, and I hope you enjoy the book as much I enjoyed writing it. 

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