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YA Bound Presents Everything You Know by Mary Beth Bass Blog Tour Stop

Everything You Know
Release Date: 09/27/13

Summary from Goodreads:

A dark forest, a screaming woman and blood. These are the images that haunt seventeen year old Emma from the moment she meets Joe Castlellaw. And so much more awaits.

Emma Mathews never believed she was like everyone else, but neither did she think herself crazy. Meeting Joe Castlellaw, Henry Dearborn High’s newest student, was like waking on a cold rock in a strange place, the world bathed in liquid moonlight. 

Everything is different now…and fraught. Visions of a dark forest, a screaming woman and blood have begun to haunt Emma’s dreams, and not only at night. But Joe’s lonely beauty makes her float on air, and she would follow him anywhere—out of high school and through the great tree, to a world of poetry and political savagery, of magic and murder, to a life that is entirely theirs and yet unlike anything they have ever known.


My Review

4 of 5 Everything You Know

Okay I am just going to throw it out there because this story was one hell of a roller coaster ride and at times I was not sure if I was enjoying it. This is one of those dark and haunting stories that has you at the edge of your seat wondering if this is real or not. 

Emma is just enjoying her high school days. She is minding her business and staying to herself because she knows she is different. All that changes the day a new student starts school at Dearborn High. Emma meets Joe and the minute she meets him she knows her life is going to change. How it is going to change she has no idea but she can feel it. Then if things couldn't get worse she has a vision in front of Joe and he gets super pissed off at her because it involves his mother and the paintings she has painted.

As Joe and Emma try and navigate through what is going on they realize they are linked to one another and they need to find out why they are linked and what this means for them because from where they are standing it does not look good. Emma is continuing to have visions and these visions are dark and scaring her but she knows she and Joe will figure out what is going on.

Want a dark read that will have you on the edge of your seat...... well this is it so go out and get it and enjoy the craziest scariest ride of a lifetime!

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About the Author:

More than a little obsessed with Keats and MOBY DICK and fueled by loud music and cold grey days, Mary Beth Bass is the author of young adult fantasy and romantic women’s fiction. Her debut paranormal-women’s fiction hybrid, FOLLOW ME received the Book Buyers Best Award for Time Travel, Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance. 

An occasional travel writer, Mary Beth has written about Paris, Bordeaux, and Yorkshire, where she hiked the moors to the legendary setting for WUTHERING HEIGHTS and stood breathless in the parsonage room where Charlotte, Anne, and Emily Bronte talked out their stories with each other.

And if I seem a little strange, well that’s because I am.
Also loves octopuses. 

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