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Give Me Books Promotions Presents SERIES SALE! The Trifecta Series by Logan Chance


SERIES SALE! The Trifecta Series by Logan Chance is on sale for a limited time! Start the series now for FREE!
“Once again Logan blows my mind with his amazing characters and witty story lines… the sexy Trifecta series was complete perfection!” – Goodreads reviewer
“This is truly one of my favorite series” – Goodreads reviewer
Hot Vegas Nights (FREE)
Dirty Vegas Nights (99c)
Filthy Vegas Nights (99c)
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The Trifecta triplets are the hottest dancers on the Vegas strip. These filthy-talking heroes want nothing to do with love, but that isn't always in the cards for them. Follow along with Ben, Axel, and Damien as they try their best not to fall in love as they pursue their Vegas dreams; dancing, opening their own club, and being a success. Will they be able to get everything they want? Or will love intervene at just the right time to help them on their path?

Give Me Books Promotions Presents LOOKS GOOD ON PAPER by Kilby Blades NOW LIVE!


NOW LIVE! Looks Good on Paper by Kilby Blades is available now!

"This cute pen pal trope hits all the cliche boxes made for swoony romantics." - Wildfire Reads
"Filled with unique elements… this book captured my attention from the very first page.” – Amazon reviewer
"This story is so well written and the descriptions are captivating” - Michelle Reads Romance
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From USA Today bestselling author Kilby Blades, a fresh, hilarious take on the classic Cyrano de Bergerac trope…
Jaded by the fakes and phonies she encounters working for the cheesy dating app, Hookupz, Zuri likes things that are real. She cooks real food from scratch, stops for real conversations with her neighbors, and savors beautifully written letters from her real Italian pen pal, Alessandro. 
Agreeing to write letters for his company’s pen pal program turned out to be a mistake. Alessandro’s English is lacking. After two painful attempts to keep up, he strikes a deal: his reclusive brother, Nico, will write to Zuri on his behalf if Alessandro cleans up legal troubles with Nico’s ex. 
Nico is discovering that Zuri might just be his ideal woman…except she thinks her deep connection is with his brother. Now Zuri is on her way to Italy—to meet Alessandro. And Nico is running out of time to win over the girl of his paper dreams before she finds out the truth.

Friday, July 15, 2022

Give Me Books Promotions Presents A Release Blitz For Boss on the Line by Janie Grey

Title: Boss on the Line
Series: Billionaire Boss #1
Author: Janie Grey
Genre: Contemporary Billionaire Romance
Release Date: July 15, 2022


Falling in love with the boss is never a good idea

My boss works on the other side of the world, and that works just fine for me. When he barks out his instructions, I sit through the video call and nod, with the occasional smile to acknowledge how happy I am to be his dedicated New Zealand personal assistant. He only sees my face on-screen, though. He doesn’t see the way I’m stabbing my pen into the little paper doll I made of him – or see the Days-Since-Grant-Price-Smiled chart (currently running at thirty-eight).

When he does let his smile escape, it’s a game changer. He’s ridiculously handsome if you like dark blue eyes and a chiselled jaw, all wrapped up in a city suit.

He’s only been to the Wellington office once in the last three years, and his schedule is so busy, there’s no chance of him coming anytime soon. And I’d know if he was planning an overseas trip, because I’d be the one booking his flights and hotel. Right?

I was only out for two days of sick leave.

So, when I return, what the hell is he doing sitting in my office, leaning back in my chair, and twirling the Grant Price Bosshole Doll around his fingers?

I’m the longest-serving PA he’s had. I’ve managed to stick it out for nine months so far, but now I think my days are numbered. What is he going to do to make me pay for this?

Boss on the Line is a standalone romance with an HEA. While it's part of a series, each book is a different couple and can be read on its own.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Grant’s picture stared up at us, from his position at the top of the chart. It was his standard corporate headshot. His hair was short, and he was clean-shaven, with no hint of a smile. If I had to describe his appearance in one word it would be severe.
“He’s younger than I thought,” said Emily. “How old is he?”
I glanced at the brochure. “He’s thirty-four.”
“He’s also kinda hot. Don’t you think?”
“Sure. If you like a corporate suit. He’s not my type.” Give me a tousle-haired surfer any day. My boyfriends were the polar opposite of Grant. They were laid-back, wore crumpled T-shirts, and flip-flops with their shorts. They wouldn’t be seen dead in a pin-striped suit. I’d never seen Grant below the chest. He probably had a paunch from too many expensive dinners and too little exercise.
While Emily was occupied, I dove into my outstanding email and the dozen or so new messages from Grant. Meetings to schedule. Meetings to cancel. Calls to make—and a curt reminder to mark my planned days of holiday on his calendar. Damn. I should have done that the minute I told him I was taking a long weekend.
The rest of the morning flew by. I took Emily to lunch in one of the many nearby cafés, and then left her for half an hour to acquaint herself with our documentation archives while I followed up some of Grant’s requests.
When I returned, I found her sitting at my desk, a puzzled look on her face.
“What’s up?”
“Your phone rang, so I answered it. I was looking for a sticky note to take the message, when I found this.” She held up an A4 laminated piece of card that I recognised immediately.
“Ah. That’s my Smile Chart. It shows the number of days since Grant was last seen smiling.” The current number was thirty-eight, written in marker pen and updated this morning.
“Wow. That’s a long time.” She looked shocked.
“Nah. The high score—since I’ve been working for him—is closer to fifty.”
“Oh.” Yep. She wasn’t so bright-eyed and happy now.
“Sorry to burst your bubble, Emily. Grant is tough to work for. You need a thick skin, and a way to vent safely when he’s being an ass.” I opened my top drawer and fished out the Bosshole Doll. Made of thick cardboard, it had a printout of Grant’s headshot glued to the top, and a roughly drawn pinstripe suit marked on the body along with the word Bosshole written on the back. There were multiple indentations from where I’d stabbed it with my pen.
“We also have Bingo cards that I refresh weekly, with his most-used words and phrases on them. That’s a fun way to pass a dull meeting. He’s on leave until Wednesday, so I’ll introduce you then.”
Emily looked paler by the minute.
I held back my laugh. “Still think he’s hot? Welcome to my world.”


Releasing September 30



Janie loves good coffee, bittersweet chocolate, and contemporary romance in all its forms. But while she loves many genres, billionaire romance is her favourite to write. Who doesn’t like a hot guy with buckets of money? Especially when he has to work hard to win the love of his life.

Give Me Books Promotions Presents A Release Blitz ForTwisted Origin (Infinte Destiny Book One) by Krystyna Allyn

Title: Twisted Origin
Series: Infinite Destiny #1
Author: Krystyna Allyn
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Release Date: July 15, 2022


Enter a supernatural world where curses are real, and fated mates aren’t always an absolute.


I’m a survivor.
Between foster care, handsy step-siblings, and a mountain of toxic ex-boyfriends, I have to be.
After barely escaping my last loser, I was attacked in a way I didn’t know possible.
I should’ve died.
Fate has other plans.
Now, I’m forced into a life surrounded by things that go bump in the night, where fairy tales and mythical creatures are real. My mere existence has attracted an entire supernatural world.
Both good and bad want to own me, but the only person I belong to is him.


If someone told me years ago I was destined to lose my sanity because of an unbreakable curse, I would’ve laughed in their face. I was human, and my life wasn’t complicated.
An animal attack changed that. It changed everything.
The beast killed my family and transformed me into this thing. I spend my time protecting mankind from the worst of us--the feral wolf shifters who’ve succumbed to madness.
Still, he got to her, and I was too late.
Or so I believed.
I was given a second chance, and this time, failure isn’t an option. I’ll keep Leena safe and protected the one way I know how. By making her mine.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Krystyna lives in somewhere USA with her amazingly awesome husband. Though she works full time, blogs, and reads like a maniac, she still manages to find the time to write all her crazy stories.

Her hobbies include baking, skydiving, karaoke, and general mischief. The list of her favorite authors is endless, so rather than singling out anyone in particular, she'll just mention her number one go-to cookie is oatmeal raisin.

Give Me Books Promotions Presents A Release Blitz for Indecent Demands by Marlee Wray

Title: Indecent Demands
A Dark College Romance
Series: Dark Knights #1
Author: Marlee Wray
Genre: New Adult Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 15, 2022


My stepbrother hates me. I need his help. What he expects in return is unthinkable.

Somewhere in the night there’s a predator called Casanova. He’s transformed a beautiful bastion of higher education into his hunting ground. A lone lavender rose marks me as his next victim…unless I’m willing to turn to the most powerful person I know.

My stepbrother is devastatingly gorgeous. And secretly dangerous. Our poisonous past has him bent on revenge, so if I want his protection, I’ll have to submit to his dark demands. From my knees.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Marlee Wray is a USA Today and Amazon best-selling author. She writes books about tough, dominant heroes and the engaging heroines they fall hard for. Her first book was published in 2017, and she has gone on to write thirteen additional novels, a novella, and a ton of FREE bonus content that’s available through her newsletter.

When she’s not writing, Marlee enjoys traveling, taking photographs, and spending time with the special people in her life. She’s also a voracious reader who is addicted to audiobooks.

Marlee loves connecting with readers. For a list of her social media links, visit the “Connect” page on her website at:


Give Me Books Promotions Presents A Cover Reveal For Letters & Lyrics

Title: Letters & Lyrics
Author: Leah Parker
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Mayhem Cover Creations
Release Date: August 5, 2022


Hollis Brown was my first everything. He moved into town, showed me what love was, then left me shattered in pieces.

I tried finding love again in college, but that left me bruised and broken. Deciding I’d rather be alone than risk any more pain, I focused all my attention on my career.

Then Hollis came back. As the lead singer of world-famous pop-punk band Yellow Lines, he sings (and screams) of love and loss for everyone to hear. His lyrics are the roadmap of our failed relationship.

Hollis says he wants me back—that we can make it work this time. But giving Hollis another chance means risking everything I’ve worked for these last ten years. I have to decide if I’m willing to give up everything I’ve built for a chance at the one thing I’ve always wanted most—another shot with the love of my life.


A Massachusetts native, Leah currently resides in New Hampshire with her husband and their five cats. She's been an avid reader since elementary school when she fell in love with the Dear America books and Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events. When she's not writing, she's likely reading. If she's not home, she's probably at the beach. Leah works as a mental health clinician by day and writes by night. She received an MFA from Southern New Hampshire University in 2020. Leah enjoys Italian food, wine, candles, tea, and being outside. She hates cold weather, pants, staying in one place for too long, and going to bed (though she does love sleeping.) Leah has always had a passion for writing, but it wasn't until the Winter of 2015 that she finally got an idea in her head for her first novel, Clemency, which she wrote the following summer.


Give Me Books Promotions Presents Billionaire King Series By Eva Winners


by Eva Winners


The Billionaire Kings series by Eva Winners is coming to you 2022 and 2023. You are going to love these filthy billionaires and the women that just can’t resist them. 
Billionaire Kings.
Gentlemen on the outside. 
Pure savages on the inside. 
The Ashford brothers belong to the exclusive society of the rich, famous and powerful. Throbbing with raw masculinity and arrogance, these men own all that they pursue.
Secrets unravel. 
Powers are tested. 
Doors open that cannot be closed.
​​​​​​​Meet the Ashford brothers. 
👑 Each book is a STANDALONE
👑 Each book is a full of STEAM ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥
👑 Each book has billionaire, enemies-to-lovers, and second chance elements in it.
The first book in the series is Contract of a Billionaire, coming 5 Oct 2022! Full size prequel coming 16 Aug 2022, The Exception.
Images and series logo creation by @evegraphicdesign9255
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The Exception (full size prequel)
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Contract of a Billionaire (book one)
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