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Early Review For First Night & Night After Night By Lauren Blakely


An erotic novella from the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Lauren Blakely...

It was only supposed to be one night… 

When the sinfully handsome man walks into her bar in San Francisco, Julia Bell simply wants a break from the troubles that keep chasing her. That escape comes in the form of sexy, confident and commanding Clay Nichols, who captivates her mind AND turns her inside out with pleasure. The attraction is electric and they share one scorchingly hot night together, but they also discover there is more than just off-the-charts chemistry; the connection between them runs deep. Clay never thought he’d return to New York with this woman still on his mind. But he can’t get her out of his system, and he needs more of her…He wants more than just the first night…

*This is a prequel novella to the erotic romance NIGHT AFTER NIGHT.*


My Review

5 of 5 First Night

First Night by Lauren Blakely took me by surprise. I mean Lauren is brilliant but this novella had it all. Sex, passion, and consequences are all wrapped up into one on this novella that had me on the edge of my seat. Let me tell you I have a new book boyfriend Clay Nichols because he is hot as hell and fierce in what he wants. 

Julia is a feisty little fire cracker who is part owner of a bar. As a bar tender she loves her job because she gets to read people all day and give them their drinks and see the pleasure on their faces. But Julia is also keeping a secret from everyone and that's the way she wants it. She dated an arse hole and he left her high and dry with a debt to pay and Julia hates that she has to do this but it is do as you are told or you end up dead.

Julia is content to pay off the debt and be free soon until that is one day her sister calls and tells her to expect a visitor and what Julia gets from her visitor Clay Nichols is more than she is willing to bargain for. Clay Nichols is sex on legs and he knows what he is and what he does to women so why is Julia not falling all over him. Well Julia is hard as nails and knows how to play the game and can spot a player and when she sees Clay she knows what he will be. A one night hit it and quit before she messes around and gets addicted to him.

But one night ins't enough for Clay and he wants Julia more than he has ever wanted anything in his life. Will Julia let her walls fall down long enough to let Clay in? 


“Let me control your pleasure.”

Their world was sex, love, and lies.

He intoxicated her. Commanded. Consumed. 

With a dirty mind and a mouth to match, Clay Nichols is everything Julia never knew she wanted and exactly what she cannot have. He walked into her life one night and unlocked pleasure in her that she never knew was possible. Possessing her body, captivating her every thought. Which makes him way too dangerous for Julia to risk her heart, given that she has a price tag on her head. She ran after one mind-blowing week with him, but now he's back, and determined to make her his own. 

No matter the cost.

She was a sexy drug to him. Fiery, unforgettable, and never enough, Julia is an enigma, and Clay isn't willing to let her go without a fight. But she's got dark secrets of her own that threaten to destroy any chance of happiness. She’s a wanted woman – the stakes are high, the danger lurks around every corner, and yet the lure between them can’t be denied. Can two people burned by love trust again when desire and passion are met by danger at every turn?

A sensual, emotionally-charged erotic romance from the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Lauren Blakely


My Review

5 of 5 Night After Night

Night After Night is one of those stories that hooks you in and leaves you breathless wondering what is going to happen. To me this is effing brilliant I mean just brilliant. It took me a couple days to read it because of school and work but when I shut myself off and started reading oh I fell in love with Julia and Clay.

Julia and Clay have had that one night of passion and the craziest chemistry they have known but Julia knows it can only be for that one night. She knows what she has in her life and Clay is to good to be a part of the dark side of her life that was brought to her by her piece of crap ex boyfriend. But Julia can't forget the night she spent with Clay and wants more but how do you get more when you have so much hidden?

Clay wants Julia and he will stop at nothing to get her. What he doesn't know is that she comes with some serious luggage. All Clay knows is that the one night he had with Julia totally blew his mind and he needs more from her. When Clay finds out what Julia has been into will he feel the same way? Will Clay want her as bad as he does? Is Clay willing to give it all up for her?

This is one series I am going to be stalking Lauren for because I need more Clay. I mean he is so sexy and loving and smart mouthed and Julia she is so snarky and she gives as good as she gets and I loved that about her. This is one series everyone should follow because Clay and Julia's story is not done and I can't wait to see what happens next!

About Lauren:

Lauren Blakely writes sexy contemporary romance novels with heat, heart, and humor, and her books have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks bestseller lists. 

Like the heroine in her upcoming novel, FAR TOO TEMPTING, she thinks life should be filled with family, laughter, and the kind of love that love songs promise.

 Lauren lives in California with her husband, children, and dogs. 

She loves hearing from readers!

 Her novels include Caught Up In Us, Pretending He's Mine, Playing With Her Heart, Trophy Husband, Far Too Tempting and The Thrill of It.

 On February 17 she'll release the sequel to THE THRILL OF IT and that book is called EVERY SECOND WITH YOU. 

She also writes for young adults under the name Daisy Whitney.

Bare Naked Words Presents Avoiding Amy Jackson (Infamous #2) by N.A. Alcorn Blog Tour Stop

Book: Avoiding Amy Jackson
Author: N A Alcorn
Genre: Contemporary Romance (humour)

Meet Amy Jackson. An outspoken, raunchy, in-your-face, loudly inappropriate ER Nurse who makes a career out of indulging. 

 One-night stands have always been her thing. Commitment and relationships are two words that are not in her vocabulary.

 Amy doesn't have dreams of soul mates and white picket fences.

 She adamantly refuses to even consider the idea of getting married and starting a family. 

She’s also obstinate in allowing a certain physician to get on her good side… James Williams. 

A cocky, smug, too-damn-good-looking orthopedic surgeon who has his sights set on the very feisty Amy Jackson. 

He is more than intrigued and ready to do whatever it takes… “I want this woman.

 I’m the type of guy who will fight for what he wants until he gets it. I will take my time with Amy. 

I won’t rush her.

 I will continue to slowly slide myself into her life until she realizes that I belong there.

 And then…I won’t let her go.” 

This is Book Two in The Infamous Series.

My Review

5 of 5 Amy & James

Okay so I have to admit this book is off the hook! I loved every minute of it and I could not put it down. Dam Amy is feisty and rude and snarky all wrapped up into one. She is a fiery girl who knows what she wants when she wants it and she gets it. With every page she lit it up and had me laughing so hard at times because she was determined to do things her way.

Amy is an ER Nurse who is no nonsense girl on her job and in her personal life. She is surrounded by all these gorgeous doctors and her motto is hit it and quit it. Amy does not do relationships and she definitely does not do commitments. Those two words to her are the devil and she is having none of it. Why do those things when you can have any flavor you want with no strings attached? That is until she bumps into the gorgeous Orthopedic Surgeon James Williams.

James Williams is sex on legs. Good God he is gorgeous and he is a surgeon. He has a brain not just muscles. He sees the feisty little fire cracker Amy and knows he has to have her. He needs her and wants her in every way but he also knows he will have to fight for her in order to win her over. He knows that she doesn't do relationships but he is willing to put in the work in order to have her. 

James is patient and bids his time for Amy but will that be enough for Amy to change her mind? Will she open her heart to this man for more than a one off?


I raise both of my hands up in the air. “All right, I’m out of here before you two start going at it in front of us.” I head for the door and stride into the hallway. I make it halfway to my room before strong arms pull my body back into a masculine, warm chest. The scent of James clings to my nostrils, and I can’t help the shaky breath that escapes my throat.

Peppermint and cedar and clean laundry.

“So that’s how it is? You’re just going to leave me with those two?” James whispers into my ear. Pieces of my dark locks blow away from my face.

“You got it, and I’m finding a hell of a lot of enjoyment out of it, too.” I close my eyes and fight the urge to turn into his embrace and kiss the daylights out of him.

James runs his fingers up and down my arms, creating a path of chill bumps. “It’s been two months. How long are you going to hold that night against me?”

I swallow against the dryness in my mouth, trying to gain some semblance of a hold on the sexual frustration that’s coursing through my veins. “Forever.”

James laughs into my hair and rubs his nose back and forth against my neck. “You can keep making these weak threats, but I’m just going to tell you one thing. They aren’t scaring me into giving up. I’ll keep trying, doll. I’ll keep trying until you can’t resist me and my persistent charm”

Persistent charm? Pffft.

I step away from his embrace and turn to face him, his green eyes filled with heat, intensity, and an overpowering amount of raw, sexual pull. I take a much-needed breath. I need to force air into my lungs and gain at least an iota of defiance and pride. “I never make weak threats, Dr. Limp Dick.” 

“Dr. Limp Dick?” The jerk smiles at me—fucking smiles at me—and it feels like a slap across the face. The nickname has zero effect on him. It doesn’t put a dent in that ego-filled suit he seems to don with an impressive amount of confidence.

“Yes, Dr. Limp Dick. I think that name suits you well. Extremely well. Don’t you agree?”

“The fact that you even took the time to come up with that tells me one thing…” He pauses, obviously waiting for my stubborn pride to chime in.

“What exactly does it tell you?” I spat out, my irritation rising to new heights.

“That you’ve been thinking about me. A lot. Don’t worry, baby. I’ve been thinking about you too.” He leans in close, too close, and it feels like all of the oxygen has been sucked out of the room.

Anger courses through my bloodstream, my heart pounds loudly in my chest. Thump. Thump. Thump. My pulse sounds magnified inside of my ears. How can one man find a way to make me so infuriated? I hear a loud smack echo in the hallway and realize that my fury has now pushed me over the edge. I just smacked James clear across the face; a faint red handprint remains on his cheek. He lifts his hand and lightly rubs his jaw before grinning back at me.

“Beautiful and feisty. Now I’m really never going to give up,” he adds, completely unaffected.

“You’re such an asshole!” I shriek back at him before turning on my heels, stomping towards my bedroom, and slamming my door shut. I lean up against the wall and sigh loudly in frustration, my fists clenched tightly to my sides. What a prick! I mean, who in the hell does he think he is?! My breath is fast and hard, and my chest heaves up and down violently. I see my reflection in the mirror across from my door and can’t ignore the prominent outline of my nipples visible through my shirt.

God dammit!

N.A. Alcorn lives in Cincinnati with her husband and three-year-old son.

 She enjoys writing and has a voracious love for reading. 

She has a serious addiction to music and her all-time favorite bands are Incubus and The Neighbourhood. 

Her sense of humor is wildly inappropriate and she never goes a day without laughing. 

She also likes chocolate…a lot. 

Her ability to eat an ungodly amount of Reese’s Cups in a fifteen minute time frame would quite literally blow your mind.

Feel free to message or contact this author through her social media sites. 

The Infamous Ellen James 

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Throttle Me (Men of Inked #1) by Chelle Bliss Release Day Blitz

Throttle Me by Chelle Bliss Men of Inked Series Book #1 Available Today!

Throttle Me Purchase Links: 

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Suzy’s a control freak and has her life mapped out - work hard, find a man with a stable job, and live happily ever after. 

She’s content with the status quo, but her plan comes to a screeching halt when he enters her life and turns it upside down. 

City gave up on love when his heart was crushed in college, preferring to be the typical bachelor. 

He spends his nights hopping from one bed to another and his days working at his family tattoo shop, Inked. 

A chance encounter on a dark road makes him question what he had sworn off forever – a relationship.

 A night of passion and lust causes them to question everything. 

Is City the knight in shining armor to the damsel in distress?

 Can their relationship survive when a fantasy falls apart and a secret comes out that changes everything? 



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Cover Reveal For Color Of Danger Secrets of Rios Azules Series By Alexa Verde

Title: Color of Danger
Author: Alexa Verde
Genre: Inspirational Romantic Suspense
Release Date: May 2014


Former runaway Mari Del Lobo works hard to save her struggling restaurant and to trust people again. Dallas surgeon Dr. Luke Goodman turns her world upside down with terrifying news. A recent murder has her late brother's - aka the Smiling Killer - signature and MO. When attacks on her escalate, Mari fights her growing attraction to the good doctor as fiercely as she fights for her life. To rescue herself and those she loves, will she be able to stop the murderer before he strikes again?

Luke couldn't save his fiancée from the Smiling Killer, but he'll do anything to prevent more murders, even ask help from the serial killer's sister. Finding a kindred tortured soul and the perpetrator's next target in Mari, Luke is determined to protect the stubborn ex-rebel. But Mari would rather face danger than risk the safety of the man she comes to love.


Alexa Verde fell in love with writing at age eight when she penned her first poem. After publishing 200 short stories, poems, and articles in the five languages she speaks, Alexa has turned her creative passion to writing novels. Her 2014 debut inspirational romantic suspense, COLOR OF DANGER, is the first in her Secrets of Rios Azules series, set in a fictional small Texas town where rivers and emotions run deep and the richest family in town has a fine taste for food, jewelry, and murder. 

Part of the proceeds from the book will go to Brenda Novak's Auction for Diabetes Research at





Just One More Romance

Just One More Romance Book Tours

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Brandee's Book Endings Presents Dear Tabitha (Forever Family #2) by Trudy Stiles Blog Tour Stop

Along with Trudy Stiles, we are very excited to share with you the Release of Dear Tabitha, the 2nd book in The Forever Family Series. 

If you have not read Dear Emily (Book #1) yet, now is the time to grab it while it is on sale for ONLY $.99 in celebration of the New Release.

Make sure to check out the Book Trailer, add this series to your Goodreads, enter the Giveaway below for a Kindle Paperwhite and Amazon Gift Cards and join the Facebook Release Party Event for more fun and giveaways!

Author: Trudy Stiles
Book Title: Dear Tabitha 
 Series: Forever Family #2
Genre: New Adult/Romance


You know me.

You know who I am. 

What I am.




You feel sorry for me.

You pity me.

You know what I’ve done. 

What I’ve given up. 

Who I’ve given up.

You try to understand what I’ve been through and how I can possibly go on with my life.

But you can’t possibly understand.

I’ve lost too much.

Sacrificed too much.

Given up everything so that I can find myself.

Well I’m done.

I’m done walking away from everything that matters.

It’s time for me to heal.

It’s MY TURN to earn…




Purchase Links:

My Review

5 of 5 Dear Tabitha

Where to begin with this review.... man I don't want to give any spoilers because the author did such a great job of writing Tabitha's story that you have to read it for yourself to see what I am talking about. You also have to read the first book Dear Emily because everything starts there and then continues on. I am so in love with this series. It has everything from heart break to finding out truths that were hidden to first loves, first heart breaks, abuse and so much more crammed into these pages.

Tabitha is broken, she has lost everything that means something to her. She has lost her mother at the age of seven and then thrown into foster care. As she goes from foster home to foster home she has learned very early on to keep her head down and mind her own business. As she reaches her teens she is counting down the days till she can get away from all of this. When that day comes she takes off and goes across country to Portland,Oregon. It is there she lands a job at a bar called Tony's Place and she meets the owner Tony. She lives in the apartment above the bar so she has a place to stay and at first she is excited but the excitement dies down when Tony starts to be abusive mentally, emotionally, and physically. Tony takes and breaks her down to nothing and soon Tabitha finds herself needing an out.

Tabitha finds her out when she meets Alex. God I love that boy. He is so amazing because he helps Tabitha find herself. Her inner true self and her happiness comes out every time she is around Alex. He makes Tabitha realize she is a woman that can give and receive love. She has faith and finds strength in Alex until something happens and it is all torn away from her. For the next two years Tabitha builds herself up and learns to live on her own and learns to fight for what she wants. Until Alex comes back and Tabitha is shaken to her core. Alex comes back and wants to explain but Tabitha is having none of that and she finds that strength and courage to stand up for herself. Alex is determined to win back the girl he should have never left and he knows he will have to work really hard to get her back because Tabitha is having none of it. She sealed her heart and she will not open it for anyone until she knows it is the real deal.

Will Alex be able to get Tabitha back or will Tabitha say goodbye for good...........

Book Trailer - Created by Becca at Bibliophile Productions


Two women. Carly and Tabitha. They each have suffered life-altering events that have left them both traumatically damaged. 

Carly Sloan’s life was perfect until her security and innocence was torn from her. The vast repercussions from horrific events threaten to destroy her stability and her chances for a happily ever after. Kyle Finnegan comes into Carly’s life at the height of her turmoil. Can he help her find what she desires most?

Tabitha Fletcher has constantly suffered from a very young age. She has been hiding from her past, which was full of sadness, loss and abuse. She has been so brutally damaged that she has very little hope for redemption. The revolving door of men only leads her deeper into misery. 

What circumstance brings these two women together and can they help each other heal? And will they each find what they need? 




“Dear Emily” is the first book in the “Forever Family” series.

This book is not suitable for young readers. It is intended for mature adults only (18+). It contains strong language, adult/sexual situations, non-consensual sex and some violence.

**Teaser - Unedited and subject to change**
Copyright Trudy Stiles 2013

Dear Emily,

How do I start off a letter to a child I have yet to meet?

A child that has always been in our hearts? 

A child that is meant for our family?

Your Daddy and I cannot wait for the moment we are able to hold you in our arms for the first time. To lay our eyes on your perfect face, eyes, toes. To breathe in the essence of a new baby, swirling scents of powder and linen.

We cannot wait to feel your beating heart against our chests and to listen to your slow and steady breaths. To hear your soft baby noises. To soothe your crying. 

We have always dreamed of you, Emily. We’ve dreamed that someday our family would be blessed with a child. We are so close. Our new family is within reach. 

We are here hoping, waiting, praying. 

Love and kisses,


My eyes are glistening with tears as I scrawl my signature at the bottom of the letter, touch my fingers to my lips, press them onto her name and close my journal. I look over to my left where Kyle is softly snoring, sleeping soundly. I mouth the words “I love you” to him, touch his back lightly, put my journal in my night table drawer and turn out the soft light by my bedside. I curl my body into his, tuck my head into his chest and hold on tight.

I love this man with all that I am and I love the father that he is going to be.

My heart is full of hope.

Trudy Stiles is a New Adult author, mom to two beautiful children, and married to the love of her life. 
She is the author of the Forever Family series including “Dear Emily” and “Dear Tabitha”. There will be many more stories from this series and you never know who may have a standalone or novella written for them. 

Stay tuned! 

Trudy is a music junkie and you’ll know that she’s writing when you see her plugged into her laptop with her earbuds in. Her playlist is unique and is a must for her writing sprints. 

When she’s not writing, she’s carting her children to their various activities while avoiding any kind of laundry or housework. She also loves to run along the boardwalk of the beautiful New Jersey shore.

She’s always been an avid reader and frequently escapes into the fictional worlds of the many characters that she has come to love. Well, now there are some fictional characters in her head dying to get out!

This first story is called “Dear Emily” and was released in December 2013.

 “Dear Tabitha” will be released in March 2014.

 The Forever Family series will continue with several companion/stand alone novels.