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ATOMR Presents A Promotion Event for Fueled (Driven, #2) by K. Bromberg

Title: Fueled (Book #2 of the Driven Trilogy)
Author: K. Bromberg
Release date: August 27, 2013
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Contemporary/Erotic Romance

Book Description:

What happens when the one person you never expected suddenly happens to be the one you’ll fight the hardest to keep?

Colton stole my heart. He wasn't supposed to, and I sure as hell didn't want him to, but he crashed into my life, ignited feelings within me that I thought had died forever, and fueled a passion that I never knew could exist.

Rylee fell out of that damn storage closet and into my life. Now I don't think I'll ever be the same. She's seen glimpses of the darkness within me, and yet she's still here. Still fighting for me. She is without a doubt the saint, and I am most definitely the sinner.

How is it the one thing neither of us wanted—neither of us anticipated that fateful night—has us fighting so hard to keep?

He steals my breath, stops my heart, and brings me back to life again all in a split second of time. But how can I love a man who won't let me in? Who continually pushes me away to prevent me from seeing the damaged secrets in his past? My heart has fallen, but patience and forgiveness can only go so far.

How can I desire a woman who unnerves me, defies me, and forces me to see that in the deep, black abyss of my soul there's someone worthy of her love? A place and person I swore I'd never be again. Her selfless heart and sexy body deserve so much more than I'll ever be capable of giving her. I know I can't be what she needs, so why can't I just let her go?

We are driven by need and fueled with desire, but is that enough for us to crash into love?


My Review

5 of 5 Fueled

FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC is what comes to mind after reading this amazing story that totally blew me away. If you have not read Driven stop right now because you have to read it to understand the dynamics of Rylee and Colton. Lord knows they have come far but is far enough for them? Will old wombs be opened and old rivals come gunning for these two.... well HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!! That is what makes this story so dam amazing I mean I could not get enough and I stayed up till 4:00 am in the morning until I was done reading this book. 

Fueled starts right where Driven ended. Rylee has finally comes to term with her feelings for Colton. She realizes she loves him. He has brought her heart back from the depths of despair and hell to lighten it and bring lightness in it. But everything comes at a cost because Colton is not your average man no way he is all ALPHA MALE and he has his ways that try Rylee's patience but she is determined to break through that tough exterior and get to the root of Colton and show him what it is like to be loved and not have conditions or stipulations or even games. Just pure raw love for the one person who brought her back from the dead.

Colton was dead inside but Rylee awoke his dead heart but his mind is still on auto pilot and rewind always doing things he shouldn't and pushing Rylee to the brink. The more he pushes her away the more she keeps coming back and he just can't understand why she is coming back because he is like a black abyss. But Colton knows one thing and that is he is knee deep into Rylee and wants her but doesn't know how to show her or tell her.

Can Colton cut his ways or will he watch the girl he loves walk away? Can Rylee show Colton that she is serious and loves him and wants to be by his side? Rylee and Colton both are driven and both fuel each other but will that be enough..........

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Book Description:

Rylee Thomas is used to being in control. But she’s about to meet the one man that just might make her enjoy losing it…

I am the exception to the rule. 

In a world full of willing women, I’m a challenge to the roguish and achingly handsome Colton Donavan. A man used to getting exactly what he wants in all aspects of life. He’s the reckless bad boy constantly skating that razor thin edge toward out of control, on and off of the track.

Colton crashes into my life like a tornado: sapping my control, testing my vulnerabilities beyond their limits, and unintentionally penetrating the protective wall around my healing heart. Tearing apart the world I rebuilt so carefully with structure, predictability, and discipline.

I can’t give him what he wants and he can’t give me what I need. But after a glimpse beneath his refined exterior into the dark secrets of his damaged soul, can I bring myself to walk away?

Our sexual chemistry is undeniable. Our individual need for complete control is irrefutable. But when our worlds collide, is the chemistry enough to bring us together or will our untold secrets and battle of wills force us apart?


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Colton spins me around, his body presses against mine, and his hands clasp at my lower back. The smirk on his face matches the wicked gleam in his eye. “Oh, Ryles, didn’t you know that dares like that are what rebels like me live for?” He leans in, his lips a breath from my ear as my heart pounds against my rib cage. “I will have you, Rylee, when I want, where I want, and how I want. It’s best you remember that.”

The dominance in his voice excites me. The threat-filled promise arouses me. The feel of his body against mine vibrating with need and his hands possessing my skin cause moisture to pool at the apex of my thighs. I tilt my head up and my lips part—needing his mouth on mine desperately. From what I read in Colton’s eyes, he feels the same way. The days apart have fueled our desire into a raging inferno. All I want to do is take anything and everything he can give me. The temptation of paradise at my fingertips.


“I just need time to process this…you…it’s just too…”

I can feel his pain and rather than just stand there and watch it manifest in his eyes, I opt to give him what he needs to confirm our connection. I step up to him and brush my lips against his. Once. Twice. And then I slip my tongue between his lips and connect with his. He won’t hear the words, so I need to show him with this. With fingertips whispering over his jaw and up through his hair. With my body pressed tight against him. With my tongue dancing with his in a lazy, decadent kiss.

He slowly lets go of the tension in his body as he accepts and gives in to the feeling between us. The desire. The need. The truth. His hands slide up to cup the sides of my face, thumbs brushing tenderly over my cheeks. Rough to soft, just like the two of us. He places a last, lingering kiss on my lips and then rests his forehead onto mine. We sit there for a moment, eyes closed, breath feathering over one another, and souls searching.

I feel settled. Content. Connected.

About the Author:

K. Bromberg was born and raised in Southern California. She graduated from University of California at San Diego with two bachelors—economics and political science—but always loved to write.

K. Bromberg remains in Southern California with her husband and their three young children. When not writing or working her day job, she can be found playing ninjas or power rangers with her son, fixing the hair of her oldest daughter’s American girl doll, doing ‘arts and crapts’ with her youngest daughter, or listening to any or all of them fight/whine/giggle at once. When she needs a break from the daily chaos, you can almost always find her with Kindle in hand, devouring the pages of a good book, or mentally outlining her next set of characters.

Fueled is K. Bromberg’s second published novel and is the highly anticipated second book of “The Driven Trilogy.” Driven was her well-received debut novel and Book #1 of the series.

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Five Fun Facts About Fueled

1. Number ‘13’ is my lucky number which is why that is Colton’s as well.

2. I had the book titles and tag lines for the covers picked out way before I knew the intricacies of the storyline. I never realized that the title for Book #3, Crashed, would fit so perfectly. It was not planned that way at all.

3. When my friends read Fueled, they say that they hear my voice (me personally) in Haddie more than they do Rylee’s which kind of surprises me…but I love Haddie so I’ll take it.

4. I originally did not have any chapters written in Colton’s POV. Those were after the fact additions. A blogger made an off the cuff remark about how hearing Colton’s POV would really help the story after she read Driven and it resonated with me. After a week or so, I started seeing that it could help so I went back and added it.

5. The ending was originally completely different. Colton had lost his alpha and Rylee had lost her selflessness. In fact, I was told downright that Rylee was coming off as too much of a bitch. My editor and two betas pointed this out to me. It took me almost two weeks to try and figure out how to make Rylee and Colton stay true to their characters while keeping the integrity of the story line I had already written. 

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