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Beth Carter is a psychologist to many and a single mother to four unruly boys. Patients might almost be manageable, but her boys aren’t. While the household lurches inevitably from one catastrophe to another, Beth finds herself barely managing to hold onto the vital threads of sanity whilst leading her often complex patients through their own remarkable journeys.

Beth finds it to be a lonely venture, leading her to look for love—but in all the wrong places.

Single mother and psychologist Beth Carter lives with her four sons—sharing the house with her office where she sees patients—thus creating a seemingly perfect working arrangement. Only Beth isn’t sure which part of her home is the real madhouse. Forging credible human beings from her unruly brood seems as probable as a Marx Brothers’ movie and her most challenging patients—defiantly dying Alf, insolent Madonna, and sinister Silas—present a cavalcade of psychological imbalance at an unsurprisingly insane level.

Maintaining her own sanity while juggling her personal and professional lives is a tough job for any single mother, and Beth feels that most days she’s just barely managing to hold it altogether. Especially seeing as oftentimes she thinks her children and patients are conspiring to bring down both her and the house together in what will surely result in a catastrophic explosion.

Beth faces complex issues in her patients with one-armed Silas, one-eyed Alf, and one nightmare, Madonna. All while her sons wreak havoc in other parts of the home. Magnus is growing suspicious substances, Harry has taken up strumming a harp, Sammy is an aspiring politician, and at four years of age the baby is still lamentably un-named.

Beth wants a man. They’re not thick on the ground and with four obstreperous boys and a demanding patient load determined to thwart her best efforts, the outlook isn’t brilliant. Beth is resolute, believing love will find a way, eventually. And sure enough, as Christmas looms and Beth lurches from disaster to success and back again, a tantalizing new love begins to emerge from the maelstrom. Will the New Year see the fulfilment of Beth’s hopes and desires, blossoming into an unheralded Pax Beth? Or will the whole thing collapse back into the decidedly human quagmire from which it was birthed?

Don’t bet heavily on it either way.


My Review

5 of 5 Trust Me

Trust Me is one of those stories that was funny and had me at the edge of my seat because lord have mercy the main character had her hands full with her sons. She has four sons and they are a hot mess all over the place getting into everything and driving the main character Beth crazy! 

Beth is a Psychologist and a single mother of four boys. She has her practice in her home so she can be close to her boys if they ever need her. Her boys are so hilarious because each and every one is different and likes different things so they are always causing her stress because she never knows what they are going to say or do.

Then she has her quirky patients and boy when I say quirky I am being nice because they just were down right crazy and needed more help than she could give but she tries. Beth loves helping people and she holds out that one day she will find love again in this crazy sea her life has become.

This is one romance story every women should read. It gives you hope and light at the end of the tunnel. Beth does find happiness in her children but she needs the love of a man and she needs to be held at night and do things that don't involve her children or her crazy patients. So take a read on the wild side and enjoy this story that had me laughing for a few hours!

Author Bio:

Joan Callahan is a clinical psychologist practicing in Melbourne, Australia. She commenced her career teaching English and history at the prestigious Melbourne High School and later retrained in the field of psychology. Joan set up her own private practice and has a heavy forensic caseload, while providing consultancies to commerce, industry, and government. She also enjoys several mediation contracts. She particularly likes working with anxiety disorders, couples, and the full spectrum of psychological disorders.

Joan is the divorced mother of three boys, has three brothers, and three grandsons—not to mention that she taught only boys at Melbourne High School. By her sheer survival as teacher, mother, and psychologist, she considers herself something of an expert on boys. Joan loves her job, going to the gym, making bread, (boring, boring, boring. Next it will be romantic fireside chats and long walks on the beach at sunset!), socializing widely, and travelling around the world as often as she can with the love of her life. Her vast travels around the USA have provided fodder for the third book in this series as the inimitable Carter clan enjoy the wilds of Yeehaw Junction.

Life remains wonderfully hectic. Any similarity between Joan’s life and Beth’s is not purely coincidental. Beth’s patients are pure fiction; her dogs are not. Her boys? Close!



Trust Me will be available on September 5, 2013 in paperback and ebook on Amazon, B&N.com. iTunes, Kobo and The Writer's Coffee Shop.

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  1. I already over analyze and over think things now. I can't even imagine how much more intense it would be.

  2. I'm not so sure you would be better prepared to parent.

  3. I guess we all just muddle through as best we can...and some of us write books...lol