Monday, December 29, 2014

Immoral Behavior by Alex Fielding The Book to Read Next on your TBR List

About The Book:

When a handsome con artist accidentally falls in love with the girl he's trying to con, he decides to do everything within his power to protect her from his notorious boss, Kathryn Miller, who wants to see her dead. But will his power alone be enough against Manhattan's most dangerous female? Will his strengths include murder? These are the things Vincent Reid must now decide. At its root, the story is about one man's fight for freedom against an older woman who has not only controlled his body, but his mind for the last eleven years. 

Warning: contains R-Rated scenes.



  1. Yes I adored this gripping suspense thriller romance, probably the best novel I've read, I laughed when my friend recommend it saying the lead had the same name as me, I only wish I was the Great Mr. Reid, loved Vincent's character, hated the bitch Kathryn Miller, why God she is the devil in a dress. cheers thanks.

  2. I still can't believe this is a true story, yet the world isn't talking about it! How could one bitch do this to poor Vincent Reid, my god she's so fucked up, I truly enjoyed Vincent's story I can't wait to read the next in the story. This novel has it all man, sexy, lies love heartbreak romance, sadness hurt, suspense. You name it, it has it. Kathryn is one bitch! I wanted to kill her throughout this well written book. Love it I can't recommend it enough. Laters guys.