Tuesday, November 20, 2012

First To Find by Morgan C. Talbot Book Review and Guest Post

Death is the hardest puzzle to solve.

Margarita Williams escaped death at a young age, but its shadow has followed her all her life. Now, amidst the chaos of a new Australian roommate and mysterious, menacing neighbors, Death has set the puzzlemaker a puzzle of her own. Someone is killing her fellow geocachers, one by one.

Supersmeller Bindi Ryan left Australia to marry a man who abandoned her the minute her plane landed in Oregon. When thieves steal a local sculpture and a teenage friend is blamed, Bindi and her nose must prove him innocent and find the real culprits. But are she and Margarita working on two mysteries, or one?

If they can’t solve the final puzzle, the killer will strike one final, deadly blow.


Where to start with this review..... Well most of you who know me know I love to read and I don't stick to one genre. I love to skip around and when I had the opportunity to read this book I was excited! As I started reading the book I realized that I had no clue what the heck was going on and I had no clue what a geocacher is so I decided I had to look it up. I did and what I found is a geocacher is someone who hunts down hidden objects. It is a game and you log on with the username you chose and then you get clues as to where to find the things and once you find them you come back and document that you found it.

Okay so that part covered check but there was so much I did not understand and I could not follow it. I read it all to the end though because there was a murder mystery in it and I needed to know who did it and why. But for the life of me I just could not get into this book. With that being said is the book bad HELL NO it is a boook that is just not for me. I read it and enjoyed some of it but for the most part I was lost because I was out of my reading element.

This book is for people who love things like geocaching and video games. You can really get into hunting down what you need. So I am not rating this book because to me it would not be fair to the author. She did an excellent job writing the book and hooking people in. Like I said this book is for those who love this stuff and know about it and can appreciate the story line.

Happy Reading!

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Morgan C. Talbot is an outdoorsy kind of gal. She has a dual degree in both English and Jujitsu. She enjoys hiking and camping, as well as, writing and geocaching. She reads to her children and enjoys nature photography. She resides in Eastern Washington with her family.

First to Find is book one in the Caching Out series. If you enjoy an outdoorsy adventure, be on the look out for book two.

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