Monday, August 19, 2019

Knox Publishing Presents A Cover Reveal for Cleo's Rage (Devil's Riot MC #4) by E.C. Land

Cleo's Rage (Devil's Riot MC #4) by E.C. Land
Cover Design by: Charli Childs, Cosmic Letterz Cover Design
Publisher: Knox Publishing


No one should have to face the devil more than once in their lifetime - yet I've had to stare deep into his soulless eyes twice. 

If you ask me, I was left broken beyond repair. At least, that's what I thought. Rage didn't, though. 

They say love conquers all, but how will that be true when he hears everything? The veil will be removed and Rage will see every emotional and physical scar that marks my mind, spirit and soul. This man has been my rock since the moment I met him, and I just wonder if our love is strong enough to weather the storm that's headed our way.

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