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CBB Book Promotions Presents Lifers by Jane Harvey-Berrick Blog Tour Stop

Welcome to my tour stop for Lifers by Jane Harvey-Berrick. This is an Adult Contemporary for ages 18+. The tour runs Feb. 24th - March 5th. Check out the tour page for the full schedule.

Lifers by Jane Harvey-Berrick
Released Feb. 7th, 2014 
435 pages
ISBN 9780957496187 


After eight years in prison, twenty-four year old Jordan Kane is the man everyone loves to hate. 

Forced to return to his hometown while on parole, Jordan soon learns that this small town hasn’t changed since he was sent away. He is the local pariah, shunned by everyone, including his own parents. But their hatred of him doesn’t even come close to the loathing he feels every time he looks in the mirror. 

Working odd jobs for the preacher lady, Jordan bides his time before he can leave this backwards town. But can time or distance erase the pain of living? 

Torrey Delaney is new in town, and certainly doesn’t behave in a way the locals believe a preacher’s daughter should. Her reputation for casual hook-ups and meaningless sex quickly spreads. And that’s on top of her budding friendship with the hardened ex-con handyman—the good Reverend is less than thrilled with her estranged daughter’s path. 

As friendship forms, can two damaged people who are afraid to love take their relationship to the next level? Can Torrey live with Jordan’s demons, and can Jordan break through Torrey’s walls? With the disapproval of a small town weighing heavily on them, they struggle to find their place in the world. Can they battle the odds, or will their world be viciously shattered? 

Is love a life sentence? 

My Review

5 of 5 Lifers

Lifers is one of those amazing stories that grabs you by surprise. I mean I was thinking okay a bad boy a bad girl come together hook up and move on before they get to attached. Okay so that is so not what I got and holy mother lover was I impressed! I loved every minute of this story and it tugged at my heart for a few reasons but the main reason being is that this is a story about second chances and love. You make a mistake and you own it and move on to bigger and better things.

Jordan Kane mad a mistake he paid for dearly by being incarcerated for 8 years. He is finally being released after 8 long years behind bars and he has to go back to the one place where it all started and he does not want to go back. Jordan knows that small town mentalities never change and when he arrives back in this small town where he is on parole he realizes that he was right because no one is forgiving and not even his parents. They treat him like the town pariah.

Torrey Delaney is the preachers daughter and she is supposed to be living the life of a good Christian girl right? Well she does not and she has moved to this backwards small town to get away from all her problems only she has more problems because she is considered the town whore. She does casual hook ups and the towns people do not like that. Her mother is the towns preacher and she is supposed to know better but she is trying to find herself. Then she meets Jordan and both of their lives are changed.

See Jordan and Torrey may be broken but together they build a friendship and something happens that blossoms into something so much more. This is one story you have to sit down and read because it will blow your mind!


The kitchen smelled of fried chicken. Momma had a way of using a whole load of herbs, so it was slightly spicy and tasted amazing. It was the only thing I liked about living here.

The first day I’d arrived back, she’d set three places at the table so we could all eat together. I think every single one of us had gotten indigestion staring at each other while trying to eat. Since then, she’d left my food at the kitchen table while she and Dad ate on trays in the family room.

It had become our unspoken agreement that the least time we all spent together, the better we’d get on.

I knew they didn’t want me here, but for now we were all locked together with our memories—frustration and hurt on my part; hatred on theirs.

I knew the preacher-lady thought she’d done me a damn favor talking them into having me back, but I wished a dozen times a day that she hadn’t.

It didn’t help. Wishing was for fools.

I rinsed off my plate in the sink and stacked it in the dishwasher, before heading back to my room.

I hoped I’d be able to sleep through the night, but the nightmares had been pretty bad since I’d gotten home. The counselor had warned me about it—I just didn’t think they’d be so fucking terrifying. The first night back, I thought I was having a heart attack. Dad had shaken me awake, then left without a word. Guess I’d pissed him off by spoiling his sleep.

I wasn’t surprised to startle awake in a cold sweat at 3 AM, but at least I hadn’t roused the house this time. Or if I had, no one cared.

I blew off some steam in the garage for an hour, then headed back to bed. It was just after dawn when I woke again.

Another fucking day in Paradise.

About the author:

I started writing contemporary romance two years ago. Before that, I didn’t think I could write a sex scene.

Turns out I can! 

My lucky number is 13 because I was born on the 13th and live near a haunted castle by the ocean. My number one past-time is watching hot surfers get changed into (and out of) their wetsuits. 

My husband doesn’t read my books. My mother does. 

Writing is my love, my hobby, my total addiction. All my characters are important to me and whisper their stories, even when I’ve finished writing their books. That’s why you’ll often find bonus chapters/out-takes from various books, because those voices just won’t be quiet. 

Readers can find bonus chapters for several of my books on my website


  1. I'm so glad you loved this too! I felt SO bad for Jordan. He went through so much and didn't deserve to be treated the way he did. I was really glad that him and Torrey had each other.
    Thanks so much for hosting a tour stop!

    1. Candace I love all your tours. Thank you for introducing me to a new couple I love to death. Love how Jordan opened up and grew ans Torrey rocked the house!

  2. Thank you so much for your amazing review! You totally 'got' this story - yes, it's about second chances.

    Interesting to see the excerpt you chosen - not Paradise for Jordan :/

    THANK YOU! jx

    1. Jane I loved loved this story and Jordan is the man with a master plan! He had my heart right from page one and Torrey lord she is a doll and when she finally broke those walls down I cried like a crazy loon for them ;)

    2. Thanks, Tee! Is it twisted of me to be happy that you were crying? : ) jx

    3. Jane no way! I need more from you like ASAP! What else do you have in the works?

  3. Thanks, Tee! I'm just working on the second draft of 'At Your Beck & Call' about a male escort. It'll be out at the end of May. I have quite a lot of, ahem, research to do ;) jx