Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Candi Kane Presents a Teaser Reveal for Bang Bang by Belle Brooks

BANG BANG by Belle Brooks Release Date: August 8th


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Bang, bang!
They shot us down.
Bang, bang!
We ran through town.
Bang, bang!
Now here I am …
Bang, bang
… in an undercover police sting.
Miranda Sikes is a twenty-year-old university student who hates venturing into the city, but her grandmother’s watchband isn’t going to repair itself.
The watchband doesn’t get fixed. She misses the bus home. She’s stuck in the one place she loathes. But there’s a silver lining: free wedding cake by Alessandro. It’s only the best cake in the world. Now all Miranda needs is a fiancé to dine with so she can meet the store’s terms.
Miranda’s next decision will change the course of her day, her year, and her life.
And it all happens when she grabs the arm of a man named Haggerty, finds herself shoeless while running down a busy street, and is forced to dive to the ground when she hears …

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About the Author: 
  Dreamer. Country Living. A writer at heart.
I write multiple genres. From sexy romance to ugly cry, to laugh so hard it hurts, to scare your pants off, to sweet young love … my mind knows no boundaries, and I love it this way. I have bossy men who fall to their knees for the one woman they can’t live without, and sweet men who help their love be all she can be … Being able to explore so many different characters is incredible.
Oh, and I am totally in love with my kids and husband who fill in the rest of my days around writing.
I’m so blessed.


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