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Fiesty Girls Book Blog Presents Kayden: The Past (Love at Last 0.5) by Chelle Bliss Blog Tour Stop


Kayden Michaels has a past filled with sex, addiction, and heartache. A past that he’s avoided sharing with the love of his life, Sophia, and held close to his core not risking rejection. 

Needing to get his addictions in check and gain control of his life for the sake of his family, Kayden is forced to confront his past and make amends for the path he’s walked.

Kayden must recount every carnal act and the betrayal from those he’s loved to identify the triggers that spur his addictions and overcome it all to be worthy of Sophia’s love – his sole reason to exist.

My Review

5 of 5 Kayden Michaels

Kayden is a force to be reckon with and no one could tame him no matter what they tried because Kayden was a man on a mission. His mission was to do what he wanted to do when he wanted to do it and with whom. He took man whore to another definition. I mean he slept and drank his way through numerous women that he did not even remember their names. Lord have mercy he was a hoot to read about because you get a sense there is something there underneath him but you really don't get to see it until he shares his story and holy hell what a story it is.

Kayden grew up in a dysfunctional house and this is where everything started to fall apart. Kayden has great friends and loves his mother but his father is something else. The man is a force to be reckon with and no matter what Kayden does it is never good enough for his father. There are things in his childhood that change Kayden and it is not for the better let me tell you. How a parent could be so cruel is beyond me but hey life happens and you deal with things as you go.

Kayden leanred early on that he would have to take care of himself. No one was going to be there for him and that is what he did. He lived his life fast and furious until he met Sophia and Suzy. Suzy is the sister he never had and well Sophia is the love of his life. He will do anything to keep her safe and sound and happy. He loves to put a smile on her face and he loves when she laughs it takes his breath away.

Chelle Bliss knows how to write a story about love, pain, disappointment, and redemption. This is a must read series for anyone who loves a bad boy alpha!

Interview With Kayden:

Today on Kaidans Seduction we have a very special guest. Today we have the pleasure of interviewing one of the sexiest sought after man Kayden Michaels from Untangle Me and his book Kayden: The Past. Lord I dam near died when I was told I could interview Kayden because he is a man of mystery but after reading his story we get a very descriptive recap of his crazy life and how he spiraled out of control only to take back control for the ones he loves.

Kayden thank you so much for stopping by today. You have a HUGE following and woman all over the world LOVE you and want to be with you even though they know you are off the market. How do you handle the wild women who come on to you? 

I have no problem being up front with a woman and letting them know I’m taken. I’d never do anything to jeopardize my relationship with Sophia. They can look, but ladies, no touching.

Reading your past really broke my heart because my father was just like yours was and he left and moved away and did not come back for 17 years and when he reappeared he acted like nothing happened like we saw each other yesterday. What would you say to your father today if you saw him?

 I don’t have any words for him. My mom’s second husband has been more of a dad to me than my biological father ever has been. My biological father can kiss my ass.

What are your true feelings about your father leaving and never having anything to do with you? 

See above. 

Addiction played a big part in your life why do you think you used the drugs and woman as an outlet instead of something else?

 It’s easy to fall into a pattern and drugs were readily available. I wish I had turned to something else, my life would’ve been a lot less complicated. I know that I made shitty decisions in my life because of my addictions. It wrecked me and I remind myself that every day.

How hard was it to quit wrestling? How did it affect you? You glossed over that but I am pretty sure there is more to the story than you gave so can you give us the real story behind it?

 It was one of the hardest damn things. It was my life when I was in high school and leaving the team stripped me of any opportunity to attend college. It helped catapult me into my addictions. I would’ve stayed clean and walked a different path if I had stayed on the team. It was a turning point in my life and I had to step up and help my mom pay the bills and take care of the house. My father crushed my dreams and ruined my future. I still watch wrestling today anytime I can find it on television and I follow my high school team each season. I’ll always be a fan.

Were you really upset about not going to college with the guys?

 I was, but I wouldn’t be where I am today if I had gone to college. I don’t think I would be with Sophia today. All things happen for a reason and she is where I’m meant to be. 

Did Scott ever find out about you and Mindy?

 He did because I told him. He didn’t give a shit. He didn’t love her and had many girls at the time. He shared her and to me that meant she didn’t mean very much to him.

Have you seen any of the gang since high school?

 We do see each other every once in a while and we keep in touch on Facebook. It’s a great way to stay in contact with old friends and meet new ones.

When you hit rock bottom and Sophia saved you what exactly was it that did it for you? What was the bottom that made you decide you needed a change in your life?

 I didn’t want to lose her. She was more important to me than any drink I’ve ever had in my life. I knew I had to make a permanent change when our child was born. I needed to make sure never to live that life again. I’ve been blessed and I’m not going to fuck it up now.

What was your first thought that popped into your mind when you saw Sophia for the first time?

 It’s very x-rated. Do you mean the first time I saw her in person or when I first saw her photo on Facebook? She was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. Sophia has no idea how sexy she is and I love that about her. She has this nerdy thing that I adore! Her eyes caught my attention and I can see the love in them.

What song would describe you and Sophia’s relationship?

 Damn, there are so many songs that come to mind. ‘Mine would be You’ by Blake Shelton or ‘If I Knew’ by Bruno Mars. 

When Sophia told you she was pregnant what were your first thoughts? I know you lost a child and it killed you so I am curious if that is what came to mind when Sophia told you she was pregnant.

 I was scared shitless. I didn’t want Sophia to know exactly how scared I was, but I feel like I held my breath for 9 months. I couldn’t take that kind of loss again and I didn’t want Sophia to ever experience that in her life. 

When Sophia was having the baby and he came out what were you thinking?

 I wouldn’t say I’m a religious person, but I sure as hell thanked God. I was in awe of the entire birthing experience. I didn’t think I could love any soul more than I did Sophia, but our baby has my heart and soul.

Now that you have Sophia and Jett what does the future hold for you guys?

 I don’t know yet, but I can’t wait to find out. I hope you’re as curious as I am.

Kayden thank you so much for stopping by and answering some not so comfortable questions. I really appreciate it and I look forward to hearing more about you and Sophia in the future!

Thank you for asking me such great questions and wanting to know more about Sophia and myself. Stay tuned.

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