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Saturday WIP By SM Donaldson Secrets Behind Those Eyes Sneak Peak

Today I have a very big surprise from my girl SM Donaldson! I love her to pieces and I love her Temptations series and if you have followed it you also know that Cade has siblings by his cheating ass father and he has met them and now we are going to meet them and get to know them because they are getting their own series! Holy effing Hades Gable love him he is the older brother and Scarlet aka Scar she is the shit!

So here is a sneak peak of Scar's book........

Ryder's POV

After leaving my last day at the jobsite I’m headed to visit my Nana Pearl. She’s probably the coolest eighty year old I know. She smokes Pall Mall’s like a chimney and drinks a shot of homemade moonshine every night before bed. She cusses like a sailor and keeps a 45 revolver in her chair side table.

Turning off of the pavement onto her gravel driveway I look at the gorgeous cotton fields across the property. Pulling up to the plantation style house she lives in, it was built in the early nineteen hundreds. The land it is on has been in our family since the early eighteen hundreds. My dad and I only live just a quarter mile down the road from her but I haven’t been taking much time to stop and see her. She is gonna crawl my ass when I walk through the door.

I don’t even make it up the back steps before I hear her. “Damn a’ mighty look what crawled out from under a rock.”

“Hey Nana.” I lean over to give her a hug and kiss. “How’ve you been?”

“Well I woke up this morning. So that’s a plus when you get to be my age. Then down at the senior center Thomas Fitzgerald and William Beck want to court me, but I don’t know if they can keep up with me. They are nearly ninety.”

“Nana you’re eighty, that’s not too far from ninety.”

“Honey when you get to be my age ten years seems like twenty. None of us know if we’ll reach breakfasttomorrow and the older they are the less chance they have of reaching it. So I might be crazy, but I’m not excepting a date from a gentleman caller who may not make it to see daylight with me.”

I laugh shaking my head and flop down in a rocking chair. “You are crazy Nana and I’m not sure I like the idea of gentlemen callers staying with you until daylight.” I start rocking slowly. “Sorry I haven’t been by lately. I had to do some community service.”

“I know your daddy told me. I was wondering if you’d lost your damn mind driving that fast. Then I figured out you were just that stupid. I wish you’d find a nice girl like me and settle down.”

“Nana I’m only nineteen it’s not time to settle down. I’m not even ready to move out of dad’s house and considering you are wanting callers to stay with you until daylight I’m not sure I’d consider you a nice girl.”

“You’re full of shit Ryder Grayton Abbott. I know you don’t date nice girls, hell your business is all over this town. Don’t think I don’t know about that little hussy Lacey Whitfield being in the car with you that night. The cops got there and she was still topless drunk passed out.” She shakes her head. “I’m not so old fashioned that I think you should wait til’ marriage. Hell your granddaddy and me didn’t wait, but I knew it was him he was the one. Now there have been a few gentlemen since then.”

I throw my hands up. “Damn nana I don’t want to know about your sex life.”

She grabs my arm. “Well do you really think I want to hear about yours every time I go to the beauty parlor? Hmm. The latest conquests mama or grandmamma telling me how you are a male whore. Hmm?”

“I get it nana. I get it. I’m sorry if you’ve been embarrassed by my craziness. I seem to be the failure and disappointment in this family.”

“No you’re not an embarrassment or a disappointment. I just wish you’d pull that beautiful head out of your ass. As for being crazy. Honey this is the South we’re all a little crazy and we don’t hide it down here we parade it around and offer it a glass of sweet tea.”

I chuckled and sat back in my chair. “Nana the next time you’re down at the beauty parlor and those ladies start talking. Tell them if I weren’t so good at it they wouldn’t be talking about it.”

She popped me on the arm and we both bust out laughing. “Damn you boy.”

“I’m just telling the truth and you know it.”

“Just like your granddaddy was.”


“No. A cocky bastard. But I loved him just like I love you.”

About SM Donaldson:

I am a new writer. My first novel is out called Sam's Choice my second novel titled Sam's Fight for Freedom will be out by March 1st. I am from a small rural town on Florida's Gulf Coast, I love living here, but I also love to travel. I grew up as a cops kid and my mother worked for the school yeah I didn't get away with much...I am married with one son. I have a very crazy busy life, I still work full time as a dental assistant, I am part owner of an event planning company most of the time I read a book a night and I love to write. Most of the time I feel like I am chasing myself around, but I love my life.

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