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The Temptation Series By S.M. Donaldson Interview & Giveaway

S.M. Donaldson has created one of the moist amazing series I have read in a long time. The Temptation Series takes us through the lives of three couples that come together and share their lives with friends and families. They have been through so much together and alone. The discover things they never knew and some will sacrifice a lot to protect the ones they love.

Today we have the gang here for an interview and what an interview it is.

They are also giving away some serious prizes so check out the interview and giveaway!

Today we have some special guests on Kaidans seduction. Boy oh boy calm down boys no rowdy rough housing in here **wink wink** Girls how do you do it? Lord Cade stop horsing around before Daria kicks your ass and the interview has not even started. (Cade laughing and winking at Daria because she is giving him the stink eye) Come on in guy’s thanks for coming on such short notice but your readers – stalkers (me being one of them) has missed you guys so much.

So Gabby & Linc, Anna & Russ, Cade & Daria can you tell us readers what has been going on since we last saw you?

Anna: Just life you know. Kids, work, laundry.

Russ: Amazing sex. (Russ wags his eyebrows)

Cade: Shut it. (With a Stern Look)

Gabby: (Rolling her eyes) Really guys chill out. We obviously have some new additions coming soon. (Patting her belly and looking at Daria)

(Linc and Daria are quiet.)

Gabby how are you and Linc doing? How is married life treating you? Is Linc the perfect husband? (Linc rolling his eyes as if to say HELL YES I am the perfect husband) Gabby: Wow that’s a lot of questions. Linc and I are wonderful. Married life is great Marshall really keeps us on our toes, Linc is a great husband. He, Russ and Cade are going to be coaching the kids T-ball team this year. He helps out a lot around the house so I don’t get overwhelmed. 

Linc how is married life treating you? Can you tell us readers what Gabby means to you? We know you love her but can you share your deepest feelings for her with us? What are your plans for the future with Gabby? Linc: Wow you are really loaded with the questions today huh. Life is good. Gabby is my world along with Marshall and the new baby. It’s weird how your life changes after kids. She is the mother of my children and one of the smartest people I know. I love her with every fiber of my being.

Russ: (Coughing) Pussy. (As Anna slaps his arm.)

Linc: My future plans with her include a long happy life full of orgasms. (Now Gabby pops Linc’s arm.)

Russ (rolling his eyes in anticipation for what I am going to ask him bawhahaha he better be worried because I have been known to put a man on the spot) Russ stop fidgeting I promise to not ask any crazy question because I already know Anna is no joke and she will take you out. But what I really want to know is how hard was it to cash in your player card for Anna and do you miss it? (Russ gets up and says he is not going to answer that. Russ says why can’t you ask something else? I say because we want to know the answer to that question) Russ: (He slumps back down in the chair) Fine. Yes I was a player, but when I laid eyes on Anna for the first time. In her little sweater set and khaki skirt. I knew right then that she could be my undoing. After she treated me like a person and not the way most girls treated me. They say men treat women like a meat market but it’s really girls. I’ve been fondled and groped and had women old enough to be my mother say some of the things to me back then scarred me for life. Anyway. She treated me like I was one of the most important people in her world. It also helps that she started giving me lots of sex and naughty pictures of her. (Anna is slapping at him with a death glare.)

Cade: (Jumping up) Damn it Russ I can’t listen to that shit.

Anna when did you know you could not live without Russ? When did your feelings change for him? What does the future hold for you guys? Anna: I thought Russ was really hot when I first met him. (Russ smiles with a mischievous grin.) But I knew he was a male whore, so I wanted to be his friend. (Snickers around the room) Once I moved in after everything that happened with Jack and started having nightmares. The fact that Russ would just hold me and comfort me meant a lot. I think my feelings changed for him the first time he made me come.

(Mouths drop open around the room and Cade spits water out of his nose. Russ smiles as if to say “That’s right”.)

Anna: Everybody chill out damn. Also, when he went with me to the doctor to get my birth control and be tested since I couldn’t use condoms. That’s a big step for a college guy it really meant a lot and was very sweet. I see us having maybe one or two more kids. Emma needs siblings and we plan on living a long healthy life.

Russ: Because we are going to be those old people who need life alert bracelets for breaking a hip while having sex.

Cade: Really man.

Cade….. Cade….. Cade…. (Cade looking at me with a death glare. I stare back and wink ;) ) Cade how are things for you right now? With the baby on the way and your new found siblings how are you doing with all these new things? Are you letting Daria out the house yet (wining because Cade is VERY protective of HIS Daria) How are things with you and your mom? Have you spoken to your father? Cade: Wow you are loaded with questions. Things are great with the new baby on the way. Madison is excited about being a big sister. Meeting my siblings has been awesome. At first it was weird but they grew on me instantly. Scarlet plans on coming over when we have the baby. Gable is doing a small music tour with his band. I’m trying to not be so over protective of Daria, but it’s hard. My Mom is great she’s engaged to Gabby and Anna’s dad. As far as my father. I haven’t spoken to that sorry asshole since he and my mom divorced and I don’t plan to.

Daria love how are you doing? You look FANTASTIC for getting ready to have a child. How is Cade treating you? How is everything coming along with the preparations for this baby? Are you nervous or is Cade more nervous than you? How do you feel about Cade’s new siblings? What are you and Cade’s future plans? Um okay. (She laughs.) Cade is always more nervous than me. I’ll be surprised if he lets Maddie go to school without him. Everything is ready for this baby. I’m ready for this baby. I’m tired of feeling like I may die from heat exhaustion at any given moment. Cade always treats me good. He can be a typical male ass at times but I can be a real bitch at times so it’s all good. Scarlet and Gable are great, I’m happy for Cade and his family. Our future plans are to take what life gives us and work with it. I don’t make long range plans it’s too crazy. So my plans for today are to go to the grocery store on the way home from here. That’s my plans for today.

Girls this is for you can you tell us one thing you love about your man and wouldn’t change for anything.

Gabby: Linc’s ability to always brighten my day and treat me like a princess. He brought me out of a really bad place I was in when we met. I was heading down a road with a lot of mistakes and he showed me how I should be treated.

Anna: Okay. I’m going to be honest here. I love Russ and he’s an amazing person, but he’s also a VERY generous lover.

Daria: I think I just threw up a little in my mouth Anna. Cade is so protective over the things and people he loves and even though he drives me crazy at times, I love that part about him. 

Guys how about you what is it about the girls that you love?

Linc: The fact that Gabby is stronger and tougher than almost any man I know, but in the same moment she can be the most gentle and loving person I know. Also she has an amazing ass.

Russ: (HE wags his eyebrows) I love the fact that I’ve been Anna’s one and only. The fact that she trusted me with that is awesome and made me feel like I was worthy of her. (He looks at Anna who is tearing up.) Now can I get some nookie before we pick Emma up? (She pops his arm muttering something about Jackass.)

Cade: Daria’s strength amazes me everyday. She has been through so much in her life and survived. She does so much work with the youth in this town, victims of sexual violence and drug addicts. She’s just an amazing woman.

Can you guys tell us one secret about yourselves we haven’t read about? (Everyone is grumbling, I don’t think they liked that question to tough ;) )

Gabby: I eat Dorito and mayo sandwiches.

Linc: I use Gabby’s shaving gel it makes my face so soft. (Laughter from around the room.)

Anna: I used to get Cade and Gabby in trouble when we were little by saying that they wouldn’t let me play with them. Just so we’d all have to go inside.

Russ: I’m not allowed to sample food at Sam’s club after an altercation with the sample guy over sausage.

Daria: My secrets have all been ousted. Sorry guys, what few I have left I can’t say to anyone.

Cade: When the girls made those penis cookies that time. I ate all the left over ones. They were really good.

(The girls laugh and the guys give a disgusted look.”

Guys and Gals thank you for stopping by and sharing your time with us. I hope we get more of you guys soon because I am sure there is more to tell! 

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Lying with Temptation Book Description:

Gabby Lewis is your all American girl, she’s athletic, smart, and gorgeous and doesn’t have a clue that she is. She’s always been a very loyal friend and popular by association, until the end of her high school senior year when her best friend and the guy she thinks she’s in love with betray her. The worse part of it is that her business and embarrassment become the talk of the entire small town she lives in. She takes an early admission to college along with her best guy friend Cade; she’s going to turn over a new leaf in life.

Linc Addison is a star athlete and one of the most sought out quarter backs in the Southeastern United States. He’s the boy next door, who feels like his entire life he’s been used for his talents mainly by his father. The only person he’s ever really been able to count on is his cousin Russ. His high school girlfriend, cheated on him constantly, but wanted to keep him around so she could keep the correct social status. Now that he’s rid his life of her, he’s moved on to welcome the college life.

The day Linc walked in his coed dorm room and saw Gabby unpacking he felt like he’d won the lottery and lost his ability to make complete sentences. She turned around to see one of the most gorgeous creatures she thinks God has ever put on this Earth. Can they break down each others walls, and find the peace they seek with each other; can they take on all of the temptations and obstacles that come their way? This is the first book in the Temptation Series… 


My Review

5 of 5 Lying With Temptation

Lying With Temptation is an incredible story about love, loss, and growing up. This story had me laughing and crying and screaming at my Kindle like a loony girl because there was so much going on and so much done to a good person that it reminded me of my high school days and how girls can be cruel and back stabbers. You have to be careful who your friends are. They say keep your friends close but your enemies closer but I say keep everyone close because your best friend can destroy you with the secrets you share with them.

In this case we meet strong, funny, sassy, and gorgeous Gabby who is best friends with Elle. Elle is a hot mess because she sleeps with every guy she wants to and she does not care. So Gabby protects Elle from the other girls who want to kick her butt but then Elle breaks the girl code by sleeping with the one guy Gabby has always wanted Reece. Gabby gives Reece her V card and he just blabs to everyone that she was not good and then turns around and starts sleeping with Elle. Elle and Reece decide they are going to have a relationship right under Gabby's nose. But when Gabby finds out she ends her friendship with Elle and decides to start college early because Reece has started rumors about her losing her V card to him. So Gabby and her best friend Cade decide to start college early.

Cade has football practice so he and Gabby are going to hang out and work out. Then Gabby meets her roommates and holy shiz when she sees Linc she is caught off guard by his looks and his personality. To Linc Gabby is his angel but he has been burned to and he is very cautious when it comes to girls but he is at college with his cousin and his best friend Russ who is a man whore so Linc decides he will hang out with Gabby while Russ goes out. Soon Gabby and Linc form a bond that is inseparable. As Gabby and Linc find their way to each other through the pain they find that there is a rainbow at the end of the rain storm.

Come along and read the greatest love story I have ever read! Team Linc all the way!

Buy Lying with Temptation on Amazon 

Acting on Temptation Book Description:

Anna Lewis is just tired. She’s tired of being predictable. She’s tired of khaki skirts, sweater sets and pearls. She’s tired of her overbearing mother trying to push the Perfect boyfriend on her. She wants to stand up for herself do normal things kids her age do. She’s eighteen not thirty-eight. With her mother still on her case, an ex-boyfriend who’s an ass that won’t leave her alone, it’s not going to be easy.

She was ready to move on with her life, leave the step-ford wife her mother was trying to turn her into behind. The only way she sees of doing that is going off to college. She’s always admired the strength that her sister Gabby radiates and wishes she could be more like her. After Gabby asks her to come to college with her and live in the house with her and her roommates how can she turn it down?

Russ Addison has pretty much always been a football star. Going to college with that status could get him any girl he wants, with no strings attached. That is until he was introduced to her. He was in pure awe over the angel he met last year, Anna Lewis. He was both excited and scared about the possibility of living with her. Her sister and everyone else in the house had threatened him and his balls to stay clear of anything romantic with Anna.

He would just have to stay away from her in the romantic sense and be her friend…Her best damn friend. Because he knows he’ll never be good enough to be anything more to her. After everyone is moved in and ready to start the fall semester, Russ starts to figure out that everything may not be what it seems with Anna. He also realizes that he can’t stay away from her no matter how much he tries.

Anna knows she can’t seem to have enough time with Russ and she can’t help but wonder why he thinks so little of himself. Will they be able to stay away from each other or will they have to act on the temptation of each other. 


My Review

5 of 5 Acting On Temptation

Acting On Temptation is an amazing follow up to Lying With Temptation. I mean I love sequels because I want to know what is going on but this is an EPIC sequel of Russ and Anna. 

Please do not read this review unless you have read Lying With Temptation. I have to give a few spoilers to make a point and I don't want to ruin it for anyone. 

As we get into Acting On Temptation we start with Russ and Anna's story. Russ was a man whore and hardcore partyer always trying to get his cousin and best friend Linc the golden boy to follow but last year Linc met Gabby who is Anna's sister and fell in love and the two have been inseparable since. As Anna can't wait to be with her sister Gabby and the gang and away from her controlling mother and her controlling ex-boyfriend Jack. Jack still has not gotten it through his thick head that it is over he tries to force Anna into having a relationship and sexual relationship with him and when she fights back Jack is shocked because Anna flees to her sister and Gabby and the gang rescue her.

This is when Anna and Russ really start to develop their friendship and start to fall head over heels with each other. But life has thrown them some curve balls and they are going to have to fight for their relationship because others don't want them together. As they get closer it gets harder for them to be together but at the end of the day Russ and Anna love each other and they know that in order to be together they are going to have to fight like hell to stay together.

Will they be able to keep a relationship once it gets started or is acting on the temptation the wrong thing to do?

Buy Acting on Temptation on Amazon


It is also intended for mature audiences 17+

Linc I’ve got to get up and go take a freakin cold shower so I can go to sleep…I can hear her breathing . It’s taking everything I have in me not to crawl over there. I get in the shower and I smell her soap, her shampoo, jeez this girl…I think I’m going to have to move out just so I can date her. After a LONG COLD shower I walk back and climb into bed.

The next morning I wake up to a blood curdling scream. I look over and I don’t see Gabby in the bed. I run out in my boxers about that time Cade is coming out of her bedroom in his boxers. Gabby is in the bathroom screaming, we can hear stuff being thrown around in there, I’m scared someone has came in and is hurting her in there. Cade and I try to open the door but it’s locked… Cade yell’s at her, “Gabby what’s wrong open the damn door!” She still screaming, I look at Cade and he looks at me we both throw our shoulders into the door breaking the frame so we can get in.

We both stop suddenly as we bust in. Cade looks at Gabby, “Fuck Really Gabby! A damn mouse you had me and Linc break the door for a fucking mouse!” I was about to be pissed too until I saw her up on the vanity in nothing but a towel. She’s mad, “Cade get it out of here, you know I hate those things.” Cade rubs his head, “I should leave you in here with it Gabby, why didn’t you just run out of the bathroom?” “Well because it was blocking the door.”


Daria Jones has been trying for almost seven years to get over her past. After starting college, finding an awesome group of friends and falling in love she thinks she has finally accomplished just that. When she’s drug back to face her past and the dangers that it entails, she comes to the realization that she can never have the normal life that others do. That the love of her life and her friends are better off without her.

Cade Johnson has been compared to a God on the football field. He had pretty much always been a player on and off the field. He had been called a man-whore but it never bothered him. Part of his past made him afraid that he could never truly commit to one person. That is until after starting college he meets his best friend Gabby’s roommate. He loves the feisty no holds barred person that is Daria Jones. After a couple of great years together he figures out Daria has some secrets. Secrets are a deal breaker for him. Since she won’t share her past he calls it quits. That is when they are both attacked.

Waking up to a life without Daria isn’t what Cade ever wanted to envision for himself. He has turned into a bitter lonely man. He has come to the conclusion that he’ll never have that kinda love again. Just then Daria shows back up in his life. Can they keeping fighting the temptation of their love and attraction? Can he convince Daria that she deserves love like everyone else?

This is the Third and Final Chapter in the Temptation Series.


My Review

5 of 5 Fighting Temptation Daria & Cade

Fighting Temptation Lord where to begin..... I LOVED LOVED LOVED Cade and Daria's story. It has been a whirlwind of reading for me in this series. I mean S.M. captures your heart and she never lets it go. I feel so invested in these characters just like they were best friends I hung out with all the time.

Cade has finally opened his heart up to Daria and let her all the way in only for her to disappear and tell him she needs space. He doesn't like it one bit but he is determined to give her her space and in this he will do whatever it takes to get Daria back in his life on a more permanent basis. Cade is determined to have her in his bed in his house and all over him but what can he do to make Daria realize he is for real and he loves her and no matter what the go through he is going to be there for her.

Lord help me Daria my heart breaks for her because lets face it her father is a douche extraordinaire who used his daughter and got her hurt. But Daria took a chance on Cade and gave him her heart but she fears her past may destroy him so she backs off. That is hard to do when the boy won't stay away. Daria knows she wants and needs Cade but fear is a bitch and when it plays out and something happens to her and Cade she knows she is willing to do whatever it takes to keep him safe. Even if it means staying away from him which is proving to be more difficult by the moment.

In this epic conclusion to the series we get to see who stayed together and who parted ways and most importantly we get to see what true love and true friendship is all about. Will Cade and Daria get their HEA......... you will have to read it to find out!


Cade’s POV

Pulling into to Daria’s parking area, I notice all of the security cameras and a few security guards. I’m glad her dad at least took that into consideration. Considering that, if it wasn’t for his ass, she wouldn’t need all of this. Her life wouldn’t be nearly as complicated as it is. 

I knock on her front door, but she doesn’t answer. Maybe she’s in the bathroom or something. I use her code after I open the door. 


No answer. I hear the shower running. I should wait out here, but I can’t. I think about her naked body all soapy. 

I slip into her bathroom and quietly pull open the shower door. I get the biggest turn on of my life. She’s standing there with her leg on the bench, rubbing her clit. I can’t help myself 


She spins around. “What the hell?”

“Would you like some help?”


After we’ve both gotten off in the shower, we take our time drying each other off. 

I hear a buzzer. “Daria, do you hear that?”

“Oh shit! The pizza. I forgot. It must be my security guy.” 

She steps out into the hall where there is an intercom. “Yes?”

“Ms. Jones, there is a delivery from Jo Jo’s Pizza. Did you want us to send him to your door?”

“Yes. That will be fine. Thank you.”

I pull on my boxers and lounge pants. Looking over at her, I tell her, “I’ll get the door.”

She smiles, towel drying her hair. “Okay, I laid some money with a coupon thing on the counter in there. They owe me a free pizza since mine was cold and turned bottom side up the last time they delivered.”

I shake my head and leave the bathroom, pulling my shirt on at the same time. I answer the door, put the pizza on the counter in the kitchen, and search for plates and cups. I look around her kitchen, I know Daria; those things are normally in close proximity to the microwave. Jackpot. 

I check the fridge to see what she has to drink. Yep just as I suspected a fridge full of Dr. Pepper. I grab a couple and set them on the table. She walks in the kitchen wearing a pair of Betty Boop pajamas. Damn, I want to rip her clothes off again. 

Daria’s POV

By the time we reach the apartment, I know Cade is about to blow, so I stop. I tuck him back in his boxer briefs and smile. Once he stops the car, he’s out and around by the time I’m stepping out. He picks me up and throws me over his shoulder caveman style, running into the apartment. As we make our way through the foyer, he pulls my boots off while I’m still slung over his shoulder. Once we get into the bedroom, he sets me down on my feet. I spin around and grind my hips into his erection.

“Oh, lil girl, you better not start playing these games.”

I work my top over my head, and then I start on the jeans. I bend over in front of him with my best porn star pose, pulling at my ass cheeks. “What games do you mean?”

He smacks me on the ass. “Your little teasing games.” He grabs me from behind, nibbling and biting on my neck. “These are cute. Are they new?”

“Oh, you win the boyfriend award for noticing the new lingerie.”

“What kind of prize do I get?”

“I can come up with a few.” I turn around and face him. “When did you take off your clothes?”

He grins. “You aren’t the only one with stripper skills, baby.”

He flips the clasp on my bra and it comes open. I slide it off my shoulders. He picks me up and tosses me on the bed. I squeal as he settles over me. He kisses me gently, making each one count. 

About the Author: 

S.M. Donaldson is a wife and mother based on the Gulf Coast of the Florida Panhandle. She’s funny, sarcastic and has been known to have a potty mouth. She’s worked in many different fields in her life but, she has always dreamed of writing short stories and books. She recently penned her first series of novels Sam’s Choice and Sam’s Fight for Freedom. She is currently working on The Temptation Series.

To learn more about S.M. Donaldson visit her at:
Twitter: @ SMDonaldson1


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