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During a time when love between two chaps was not spoken of, Deklan and Logan found a way to bring their affair of the heart to life. One was the white son of a wealthy Plantation owner, and the other a black servant who worked the property to survive. 

This romantic fairytale took place in the deep south of Georgia in the late eighteenth century where horse carriages and kerosene lighted lanterns brought a town to life. Deklan and Logan’s affair was ignited one night with the help of a mysterious man who magically appeared and then disappeared without a trace after leading them into the realms of love.

Love was found, Love was lost and then Love was found again in a spiraling and uplifting fairytale between two lovable beings that were meant to be in love.


My Review

5 of 5 The Plantation Affair

Deklan & Logan Royal

The Plantation Affair is one of the top ten favorite Gay Romance books I have read this year! I have to say that I am so fan girling Gregory because his writing never ceases to amaze me. I love how he writes with such clarity that as I was reading I could see the plantation and the pear tree and I could picture Deklan and Logan together.

In The Plantation Affair we meet Deklan who comes from a rich family and Logan who is the farm hand and black. Deklan has always known there was something different about himself but he kept it to himself in fear that he would upset his family. Logan lost his father and mother and has no other family so he works on the farm to provide for himself. These two incredible guys could not have come from two different worlds but when they meet sparks fly and the two of them can't deny what they are to each other and how much they need each other.

But in the 1800's men being in love with men was not heard off let alone a white man loving a black man but this is what happened between Deklan and Logan. What is so unique about their story is it had components of the fairy tale Cinderella but so much more. I tell you Gregory has a way of weaving a story and hooking you in and keeping you there and wanting no needing more.

What Deklan and Logan go through is hard on them. They are not supposed to be together and what Deklan is made to do by his family will test their love. Logan will fight like hell to keep his man and Deklan in turn will fight like hell to be with Logan even though he knows they are in for a long and brutal journey. 

But love knows who it wants and the heart will cling to who it wants. This is an amazing story about true love, soul mates, getting through prejudices and learning to live the life you were meant to. Gregory please give me more. I need more romance like this in my life!

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Logan felt his hands being squeezed by Deklan. “It is you?” Deklan spoke softly. “My striking prince I thought I’d lost. I’ve missed you, Logan.”

Logan looked up at Deklan with a boyish smile that let Deklan know he was the one.

Without losing Logan’s gaze or his grasp, Deklan stood, knocking the chair he was sitting on backward to the floor. It landed with a bang and a chicken balked and flapped away. Deklan stood majestically in front of Logan and asked, “Can I kiss you?”

Logan moved in close and their lips lightly touched. Deklan’s kiss was warm and his touch felt strong. 

Logan was in a place exactly where he wanted to be. The very place he was meant to be.
Deklan pulled Logan closer and the space between them was squeezed away. The hair on Deklan’s chest comforted Logan when pressed up against him

“I’ve missed you so much, Logan.” Deklan quietly whispered in Logan’s ear and his warm breath made him crumble.

The back window was open, the moon was full and a cooling breeze coming in from the river out back softly circled them like a palm frond generates wind. They went on kissing and Deklan drew Logan even closer with clasped hands against his jaw. Deklan’s tongue turned to fire and this time there was nothing hesitant about his enthusiastic quest to take what was his.

There was no holding back.

Logan gave in as Deklan pulled him closer. Both quickly went firm.......

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Gregory Jonathan Scott was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he met and shared a life with Scott that began just out of high school. Meeting by chance in Grand Rapids before relocating to South Florida where they live now with their lovable Shetland sheepdog and a sweet stray cat that showed up one day and decided to make their house a home.

As a child, Gregory was always told he had a creative imagination and the artistic ability to turn a blank canvas into an eye catching work of art. Shortly after high school graduation, and together with his true love Scott, discovered the thrill of pottery and ceramic art. Here is where the two of them opened a business for ceramists that quickly exploded before their eyes as the number one location for any hobbyist, storefront and scholastic industry looking for supplies related to ceramics and pottery. During this time, Gregory was approached by art magazines to write short articles and educational columns pertaining to the ceramic artistry. Captivating readers by his writing style grew fast, which ignited his desire to express himself further. From there, it began. Finding a love for writing, alongside his artistic hand, gave him inspiration to design and write this M/M romance Novel.

Gregory Jonathan Scott mostly enjoys writing M/M suspense novels mixed with bouts of Romance.

Gregory and Scott are still together and are currently enjoying home life in South Florida.

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  1. I absolutely love this review. Thank you so very much for the terrific words of appreciation.

  2. Gregory I love both books but this one reminded me of my grandparents I don't get to see because they are down south. Great job capturing the south. I need more from you :)

  3. Thankyou Gregory, so looking forward to reading this story!