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Twinsie Talk Presents The Beyond Trilogy Smoke & Fire & Ashes By S.D. Mary Blog Tour Stop

Book 3 in Beyond Trilogy
SD Mary

And in the end all things will be revealed.

Claire and Sebastian's story continues in the last installment of Beyond Trilogy. 

Will they fight for their love and will this love be enough to keep them together as fate throws them new challenges?

Will the end be a happy one?

Will they rise from their own ashes just like a Phoenix bird?

Remains to be seen in the last book of this amazing journey.


My Review

5 of 5 Claire & Sebastian

Ashes.... ashes.... we all fall down is what first came to mind when I finished reading. My second thought was holy shizz what a roller coaster ride to start at point a and end up at point c and still in tack was a great feat for Claire and Sebastian. I mean these two started at the bottom and climbed and fought their way to the top only to have the biggest hurdle when they reached the top.

Claire and Sebastian have had a long journey of self discovery and passion that is like no other. When they first met they knew there was something there but not sure if they should take the step to be together. As they grew together and went through the ups and downs of being in a relationship they both experienced pain, sadness and then redemption to only be tested again.

Claire is a fighter through and through and she will do whatever it takes to make things right. She loves Sebastian and she knows he is her everything no matter comes at her she will fight for her man. Sebastian lord he made me mad a few times because I was like what in sam hell are you doing boy, what is going on but in the end he pulled his head out of the sand and showed me a side of himself that I loved.

I have to say I am so sad to see this series go. I need more from these two and the supporting characters. I feel like they are family and I am going to miss them something terrible. I look forward to reading more from S.D. Mary


We would like readers to find their “perfect” Claire and Sebastian and post the pictures to this Facebook page. Everyone can vote on their favorite pics.

Claire Collins

Who am I? I'm Claire. I'm a daughter I'm a writer I just become a lover I am independent I am inquiring I am damaged

I'm tall, almost 1.80 m but with curves I don't really want. My red hair reaches my lover back in soft curls and my brownish eyes turn in shades of black and honey when I'm angry.

I’m just me!

Sebastian King

Who am I? I'm Sebastian, people call me "the king" I'm a lover I'm a CEO I'm a playboy I ride with the wave and care about nothing but myself I make money, party hard and play even harder I'm damaged

People tell me I'm good looking, especially females... I'm tall and lean, I workout often. My dark hair is in contrast with my green eyes. Women love my piercing emerald eyes and I love them all.

The person with the most votes will win an ecopy of each of the books in the trilogy

Facebook link:

Hi, my name is Mary, S.D. Mary is actually a pen name and it derives from my real name. I am 29 years old, married to a wonderful and very handsome man and I live in a small country in Europe.

I work in advertising and I love it. Besides writing I also love cooking and reading, of course, and lately I enjoy swimming, so that is my health hobby.

Writing has always been a passion and up until recently I wrote several essays in my native language. So, if you feel there are words or phrases that don’t seem like the usual writing, it’s because English is not my native language.

Smoke is the first erotica book I have ever written and is part of a trilogy, the Beyond Trilogy. It follows the life of Claire and Sebastian and tells their story from a dual point of view.

That being said, I hope everyone will enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I look forward to any comments or suggestions on my blog:


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