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A Winter's Promise (A Winter's Tale: BWWM Series Book 2) by Kristi Tailor Book Review


What do you do when you realize that you’re in love with your best friend? 

Kiss them in the middle of winter, and worry about the consequences as they come. 
Charlotte Toutant never expected to catch feelings for her best friend, Nicholas Elliot, after all, love was a sentiment she had all but given up on; however, she did, and unequivocally so. 

What do you do when it appears that the woman you’re in love with still has feelings for another man? 

Push her away to avoid the building emotions that are threatening to drive you over the edge. 
Nicholas Elliot wanted nothing more than to be everything that Charlotte needed in a companion, but somewhere along the way his feelings for her intensified beyond the measures of friendship . . . beyond anything he had ever imagined. 

And, what happens when two people in love aren’t willing to confess their feelings for one another? 

Well, that’s a winter’s tale . . . . 


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A Winter's Promise was a great continuation of A Winter's Vow. Man this couple is so funny I love it. They argue and then they are fine. The whole fake engagement has the two families coming together to meet for the first time and Nicholas is worried because his family is messed up and he does not want to scare Charlotte away from him.

They go to the Hampton's to meet his parents and while there they realize they have true feelings for one another. But there is one hiccup when they get there Nicholas's ex-fiance is coming home and wants to see Nicholas. She still has feelings for Nicholas and wants him back and she will stop at nothing to get her man back.

Then Todd has the nerve to call Charlotte and tell her he is still in love with her and wants her back. She tells him to go to hell that there is no way she would go back to him because he is with her sister and she is having his child. Charlotte has told Todd she has moved on and is not going backwards.

The very ending is diabolical! Holy hell the last chapter had me screaming at my kindle for the next book because I need to know what happens to Charlotte and Nicholas. This is a must mini series you have to read. It will have you wanting no needing more.

***** I received this book from the author for an honest review*****

About The Author:

Kristi Tailor, author of Amazon's top 100 Interracial Romance "Being Yours" Visit her Twitter page @Author_K_Tailor for future Release Dates!

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Kristi Tailor spends her days raising her young daughter, teaching, and writing.After graduating from Notre Dame of Maryland University, Kristi put her English degree to use by becoming a teacher, Alpha and Beta reader to other authors, and an literary critic, although the latter is more self serving than an actual career. Kristi's hobbies include immense coffee drinking, and Netflix. Friend her on Facebook @Author Kristi Tailor. She loves talking to readers about her novels, and just life in general.




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