Thursday, August 23, 2018

***** Happy Release Day ***** His Unfinished Conquest (A Second Chance Romance) by T.T. Hazard


She’s on my mind for 10 years. 

I am Reed Dunn. 

I have everything money can buy. Houses. Cars. Fair-weather friends. 

But what I truly want is the forgiveness of the only woman I have ever loved. 

I lost her due to my complicated past. 

Now I want a second chance with her. 

Amelia Poole. 

She’s in trouble. A mountain of debt left by her father. 

I found my chance to help her. 

But she still hates me. 

I know there’s no time for that. Her debtors have come for her. 

I will protect her. 

Those thugs have no idea who they are dealing with. 

I’m giving all I’ve got to protect her. 

All I need is a second chance. 


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Lordy Lordy I had a chance to read this ARC from the author and I loved every bit of it.

We meet Amelia and Reed in this story. Amelia is kind and honest and is in love with the boy her father brought home. Reed is this handsome kid who has been left in foster care to fend for himself. He ends up trying to rob Amelia's fathers store when the father realizes he is just a kid he takes him home so he can stay with them. As Amelia and Reed get closer they have plans on being together forever. When one day Amelia comes back and finds that her father has kicked Reed out and accused him of doing something terrible Amelia is left broken hearted. 

Fast forward some years and Amelia has lost her father and he has left everything including his debt to his daughter. She is going to have to sell everything in order to pay back the investors her father owes. This is where she meets Reed again as he offers to buy the properties. At first she doesn't want to because she doesn't want anything to do with Reed but as things change Amelia decides to give Reed a shot.She has a deadline to pay back the investors or else they will take everything she owns.

While all this is going on Amelia is being watched and threatened and Reed tries to keep her safe. There are lots of twists and turns as well as romance and some surprises to. This is a must read romance book for all. I loved it and I loved Reed!

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