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Sunday Author Of The Day Gregory Jonathan Scott Author of Heartbreak Beat & The Plantation Affair


Love at first site grips two hearts, locks two souls and instantly connects them seamlessly. 

Fast love begins on the diamond field where Gabriel unexpectedly encounters the man he’s only heard about. During a brief musical performance that starts his game, he quickly grows more aware of the lead singer with electrifying blue eyes, a striking smile and a body fit for more than just dancing to the thump of a distant drumbeat. Instantly he senses a link with the man behind the music unlike any he’s ever felt before. 

By force of nature and during his song, Alec James is stimulated by palpitations of the heart when the center man of the baseball field looks his way and smiles. He falls in love with the pitcher even before their hearts have a chance to trade places. A song and a game executes a rock solid love affair between these two men who meet one another by chance.

Though building their life of love together, Gabriel and AJ merge with obstacles that cartwheel in and out of their path, and their romance becomes tangled with criminal suspense. While balancing newfound love and their iconic careers, they clash with distractions that spiral around them, one speeding up right after the other. In the course of it all, Gabriel and AJ refuse to give up on love and unprecedented male bonding. 

A finale so unexpected breaks open when another spiraling event takes a shocking turn.


My Review

5 of 5 Heartbreak Beat

First I have to say I have found a new love and that new love is Gregory Jonathan Scott! Lord I love the way he writes from the heart. As I was reading I found myself wondering if he talks like he writes because I could listen to him all day long. To say I was totally fan girling over Gregory is an understatement. The way he describes things and the coming together of two men was incredible. It took me a week to read this book because I had to keep putting it down because I did not want the story to end. Then as I was 90% through this story and sitting on the edge of my bed when I checked facebook and saw that Gregory posted a new post saying he was writing another story and this one would be a fantasy love affair and I did my book dance.

In Heartbreak Beat we meet Gabriel McDermott who is a professional Baseball Player and Alec Benjamin James who is the lead singer of the group Inner Beat. These two guys are from different worlds and Gabe is older than AJ but when Gabe sees AJ singing he goes from having a crush on him to needing him in his life. Gabe is glad when AJ shows interest in him and when they finally meet up at Eddie's Beach house for an after party for the baseball team they soon realize they both like each other.

As Gabe and AJ get to know each other better they know they are destined to be together. They love walking the beach and spending time together in the pool. As Gabe is winding down the season AJ goes to his games and as AJ is gearing up for this tour Gabe is right there for him cheering his man on! 

Then things start to get weird because AJ is being targeted by someone and that person is determined to get AJ out of the picture and away from Gabe. But Gabe is determined to protect his man at all costs and when the person comes to close to killing AJ Gabe makes AJ stay with him to protect him. 

As the story unfolds you have no idea who wants AJ dead because everyone is suspect and everyone wants either Gabe or AJ so you have no idea who it is. A few times I thought I had it figured out and when I got to the end and read who it was I was like Ohmigawd lordy lordy why the hell hadn't I figured it out sooner. Well because the person it is I really thought it just could not be because he had no time to hurt AJ but I guess he did because he was the one. 

Man talk about mind blowing and a romance to rival all others! Holy mother lover AJ and Gabe are the perfect couple and I need more from them. I hope we get another book about where they are and what happened afterwards.

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During a time when love between two chaps was not spoken of, Deklan and Logan found a way to bring their affair of the heart to life. One was the white son of a wealthy Plantation owner, and the other a black servant who worked the property to survive. 

This romantic fairytale took place in the deep south of Georgia in the late eighteenth century where horse carriages and kerosene lighted lanterns brought a town to life. Deklan and Logan’s affair was ignited one night with the help of a mysterious man who magically appeared and then disappeared without a trace after leading them into the realms of love.

Love was found, Love was lost and then Love was found again in a spiraling and uplifting fairytale between two lovable beings that were meant to be in love.


My Review

5 of 5 The Plantation Affair

Deklan & Logan Royal

The Plantation Affair is one of the top ten favorite Gay Romance books I have read this year! I have to say that I am so fan girling Gregory because his writing never ceases to amaze me. I love how he writes with such clarity that as I was reading I could see the plantation and the pear tree and I could picture Deklan and Logan together.

In The Plantation Affair we meet Deklan who comes from a rich family and Logan who is the farm hand and black. Deklan has always known there was something different about himself but he kept it to himself in fear that he would upset his family. Logan lost his father and mother and has no other family so he works on the farm to provide for himself. These two incredible guys could not have come from two different worlds but when they meet sparks fly and the two of them can't deny what they are to each other and how much they need each other.

But in the 1800's men being in love with men was not heard off let alone a white man loving a black man but this is what happened between Deklan and Logan. What is so unique about their story is it had components of the fairy tale Cinderella but so much more. I tell you Gregory has a way of weaving a story and hooking you in and keeping you there and wanting no needing more.

What Deklan and Logan go through is hard on them. They are not supposed to be together and what Deklan is made to do by his family will test their love. Logan will fight like hell to keep his man and Deklan in turn will fight like hell to be with Logan even though he knows they are in for a long and brutal journey. 

But love knows who it wants and the heart will cling to who it wants. This is an amazing story about true love, soul mates, getting through prejudices and learning to live the life you were meant to. Gregory please give me more. I need more romance like this in my life!

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  1. This was amazing for me to see and I love every bit of it. Thank you so much. This gorgeous presentation truly tells me you felt every bit of the stories. I can't thank you enough for how much this means to me. oxXxXoxX