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Twinsie Talk Book Review Presents Now and Forever (Now #3) by Brenda Rothert Blog Tour Stop

Now that Emma and Layla Carson have landed the men of their dreams, it’s time for happily ever after. Or is it?

Emma’s with childhood crush Cole Marlowe, and Layla finally found Mr. Right in alpha cop Ben Montrose. But both couples face unexpected obstacles that will test their relationships. Layla and Emma find solace in each other as battle lines are drawn, and they rediscover the close friendship they lost over Cole.

It’s all on the line as the sisters struggle to find the answer to the most difficult question they’ve ever faced: is the love they have now meant to last forever?

My Review

5 of 5 Now and Forever

Now and Forever is an amazing can I just say amazing conclusion to the two most craziest couples I have ever read about. Lord when I started on this journey all I could think about was jumping in the book and killing Layla. Layla was a selfish self centered biatch that needed to take down a few notches. She treated her sister like crap and walked all over everyone. Layla was a nasty piece of work but then Brenda did something to me that few authors have ever done she made me feel bad for Layla and I did not want to but I did. As for my favorite sister Emma she is my girl. She had to be tough and learn to stand up for herself and she had to decide she was going to go after what she wanted and who she wanted even if her sister hated her in the end.

Emma and Cole have come so far in their relationship but their relationship is put to the yest one more time and Emma will have to decide whether or not she is going to give her heart to Cole once and for all or will she back pedal and protect herself from being hurt again? Cole is going through something at work and all he wants to do is clear his name and move on with the love of his life. But Cole is scared that Emma will not move past her pain and hurts and he is afraid he will lose the love of his life. Will Emma break the walls down and let Cole in totally?

Layla is a hard arse and she wants what she wants no matter what. She has Ben and he loves her and he is the ultimate alpha but he knows he is in for a war with Layla because she is so head strong. The one thing I love about Ben is that he knows what he wants and he is willing to work to keep it. Ben and Layla have their ups and downs but at the end of the day Layla will have to decide is it worth it to give your heart over to the one you love and surrender your crazy alpha female tendencies to have that one shot at true love?

This is a must read series that will leave you breathless. You will need some tissues for some parts and then get out your drinks because there are parts that drove me to drink.... tehehehe

Brenda Rothert started her writing career as a print journalist. She now writes Romances, some Contemporary and others with a twist of dystopian society and adventure. Rothert lives in Central Illinois with her husband and three boys. 

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