Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Excerpt Reveal for Hate The Game by Holly Hall


Title: Hate the Game

Author: Holly Hall

Release Date: September 12, 2019



“What about you?”

He scratched his jaw with a thumb. “What about me?”

“After that interrogation, there’s no way you’re getting off easy.”

“Getting off.” He smirked.

“You’re a child.”

“I’m a man.”

I took one of the throw pillows from behind me and smacked him with it. Or tried to,

but he fended it off. “Come on, what’s the story? You work in a cesspool of toned abs and

pheromones. I know there’s a woman who loves to sweat and lift ungodly amounts of weight

just as much as you do.”

He laughed. “You are something else.”

“So I’ve been told.”

“Anyway, that might be true, but I would say the essence is more body odor, less

pheromone.” He shrugged. “I guess I haven’t had time to think about dating.”

“Are you kidding? You wouldn’t even have to leave work. You essentially have a

conveyor belt of women, coming in and out of your gym for workouts. And afterward, you’re

showing them how to cook. You’re telling me there’s been no heated glances? No meeting of

eyes over the treadmills, no brushing of hands while you’re making boring grilled chicken, side

by side?”

“Is that how you perceive my job?” Humor entered his gaze, twisted his mouth. “I’ll

have you know, I’m very professional.”

I held up both palms. “Hey, I’m not making accusations. All I’m saying is, it could

happen. I’m picturing all this in my head like a bad RomCom.”

“No chance. I wouldn’t even entertain the idea.”

“That’s it, who hurt you? Who made you this wary of heated glances and brushing body


The mirth eased from his eyes first, and then his mouth settled into a line. It wasn’t

quite a frown; he wasn’t that transparent. But I could feel the gloom that’d slipped over him.

Was it something I’d said?



Holly Hall drinks coffee and wine like they’re going out of style, would love to travel for a living,

thinks animals are often better than humans, can count on one hand the number of things she

loves more than Texas A&M football (that might be an exaggeration), and couldn’t handpick a

better family than her enormous one. She is the author of five other standalone contemporary

romance novels, Forever Grace, All the Pieces That You Left, Love in Smoke, Smoke and Lyrics,

and Somewhere Between Us. She resides with her husband, daughter, and German shepherd in

Houston, Texas.


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