Saturday, September 14, 2019

Happy Release Day for Understanding Beauty by Raven Scott & Courtney Lynn Rose

Congrats to Raven Scott & Courtney Lynn Rose, Author on their release today!

Understanding Beauty
The Beauty Trilogy, Book 2

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One year ago, I lived the perfect life.
I had an amazing job, wonderful friends, and most importantly, the perfect, most passionate, and exquisite fiancé a girl could ask for.
But everything changed with a phone call.
Instead of planning my future, I planned his funeral.
And no matter how hard I’ve tried, I can’t get passed it. When he died, he took part of me with him. Now my days are full of fake smiles and my nights are tormented by dreams of being with the love of my life again.
Then the unexpected happens.

He’s my best friend and roommate, and going through my grief for the last year, he’s the only one who’s understood me. He doesn’t push my to get over it, he doesn’t judge me, nothing. He supports me and let’s me deal with everything at my own pace.
I didn’t expect him to be the person to make me feel again, but he is— and now I don’t know what to do.
Rogen and I end up falling for each other— fast, swift, hard, and passionately.
It terrifies me and makes me feel guilt like I never have before.
I think my pain, my demons will be what ruins us before we truly have a chance to heal, but it turns out Rogen has some monsters of his own . . .
And they might be even worse than mine.

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