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★.•°★°•.★ 💋MANHATTAN Secret by V. Theia Cover Reveal💋 ★.•°★°•.★

★.•°★°•.★ 💋MANHATTAN Secret Cover Reveal💋 ★.•°★°•.★

Ready for ​the second Fierro brother, ​the Prince of Manhattan?​

Let Lachlan Fierro tell you his secrets. #LustingForLachie 

Title: Manhattan Secret

Author: V. Theia.

Series: Book 4 - From Manhattan Series. (All standalone) 

Genre: New Adult - Contemporary. 

Trope: ☆Younger hero/Older heroine ☆Teacher/Student ☆Forbidden/Taboo love.

Release Date: September 26, 2019. 

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We don't get to choose who we fall in love with.

My parents are testament to that.

I fell for my teacher…I know you're shocked, aren’t you?

Not really.

So what if I'm seven years younger than her.

I want her.

This heat between us can’t be ignored.

“Now we share a secret, me and the little mouse.

Whether she likes it or not.”

She’s the poster girl for all things virtuous

and I’m the school genius who can’t resist the illicit pull

to the woman who is meant for me. 

There’s a saying ‘you can’t always have what you see’

It’s a rule I’ve never believed in.

I’m Lachlan Fierro, I do what I want because I can.

I’m not a bad guy, ask anyone.

But I believe rules are for other people. 

The moment I see her I know she’ll be mine.

I’ll break the rule book for her.

Delaney isn’t to blame.

My principled girl tries to do the right thing…my power of persuasion is just stronger than her willpower.

We’re taboo and forbidden. Unthinkable. And Perfect.

This secret we have between us becomes intoxicating.

But there’s always someone … something lurking to whisper our secrets. 

Disclaimer: “Yeah, I’m younger than my Laney, get over it, I’m every inch of the man she needs. You don’t complain when a chick is 30 years younger than her guy. We don’t cheat and I definitely deliver a HEA to knock my woman’s good girl socks off. So enjoy our secrets… I know I did.” – Lachlan Fierro.


COMPLETE STANDALONES - Can be read out of order. 

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Reader group: https://bit.ly/2NFfc6z

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