Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Next Step PR Presents a Teaser Reveal For Secret Admirer by Harlow Layne

Taking a right, I almost trip over a guy sitting outside our shop. His long, tan, and incredibly muscular legs are bent up to his chest while his long scraggly dark blond head rests on top. Long lashes fan out against bearded cheeks as he sleeps. Full pink kissable lips peek out from all his facial hair.

What would it be like to kiss those lips?

Am I that desperate that I’m now thinking of kissing the homeless guy sitting outside the shop?


From what I can see, he’s hot. Even for a homeless guy.

I’ve never seen him around before. He looks young. Much too young to be living out on the streets. Although I know there’s no such thing. Kids run away from home and live on the street as early as ten years old. Maybe even younger.

One eye slowly blinks open and then widens in alarm. Jumping up, he stumbles back into the wall.

“I’m so sorry if I disturbed you. I can…I’ll go.”

His deep voice is hypnotic. I don’t register what he’s said until he starts to walk away.


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