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 Sean (Right-Hook) Reilly knows a few things about himself. One, he's the middle-weight boxing champion of the world with an undefeated record. Two, women find his cocky persona, chiseled biceps, and inked body sexy. Also, the fact that it's known that he doesn't do relationships only adds to his sex appeal. And three, he's Irish, proud of it, and a member of the Braithreachas Don Saol, a branch of the Irish mafia and king pins of the drug cartel taking over the streets of Cleveland. 

Connor Doyle(aka Connie) the boss and leader of the Braithreachas Don Saol, has been like a father to Sean, taking him under his wing and teaching him how to survive on the streets after the death of his parents. Sean has never been ungrateful, but has always wanted one thing... 

More. More to live for. More to fight for. More to believe in. A chance at a future without drugs or guns. A chance at a future without wondering which day will be his last. 

There's only one problem with that. You live by the braithreachas. You die by the braithreachas. And Sean knows whether Connie considers him to be family or not, the only way he'll be leaving the braithreachas is in a body bag. 

Hadlee Flax has had a year to overcome her issues. After almost being raped and brutalized, she's putting her best foot forward, seeing a therapist, and has even(with some persuasion from her best friend, Lara) enrolled in self defense classes. And she's doing well moving on with her life until she meets the dark, and conflicted Irish boxing champion of the world, Sean Reilly. 

Hadlee is immediately drawn to the gorgeous, cold, and mysterious man who speaks with a slight Irish brogue. She soon learns that there is much more to him than his darkened gaze, cool demeanor, and body covered in tattoos. He's not the type of man she thought he was. And Hadlee finds herself doing something she never thought she would do in the last year... 

Falling for a guy. 

Falling for Sean Reilly. A man who is on the path to becoming a boxing legend. 

One thing Hadlee doesn't know is the other part of Seans' life. His life of drug running, and killing. Or the fact that when he's not boxing he's walking the streets with a gat tucked into the back of his loose jeans, and glancing over his shoulder at every turn. 

But it doesn't take Hadlee long to learn that some attractions and relationships can be fatal. 

And sometimes... 

They just might be worth fighting for.


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HOLY BABY JESUS I NEED A SEAN RIGHT HOOK REILLY RIGHT NOW! Man where to begin with this review. I have read a lot of books this year and I have LOVED a lot of books but 12 Rounds is in my top five for the year! Holy Cow was I so into this book that I just checked out and did not cook super or do homework with the kids. I told my husband dammit it is daddy duty get to it! I am reading and I don't want to be interrupted. Bawhahaha needless to say everyone left me alone to read and I was so happy!

Sean Right-Hook Reilly is a BAD BOY PERSONIFIED! Man he is a brother, boxer, player, and a member of The Irish Mob. What more could you ask for.... I mean the guy has gone through so much. Losing his mother at an early age and having to raise his sister by himself was tough enough but the mob helped him. Connor Doyle The Irish Mob's leader took Sean in and helped him be who he is. But underneath all that Sean wants more. He wants a normal life where he is not looking over his shoulder all the time or waking up thinking this is his last day. Enters Hadlee Flax into his life and Sean is taken by this sexy no holds bar girl.

Hadlee is broken and trying to put her life back together after she was attacked and almost raped. Between her best friend Lara and her therapist she is slowly putting together the pieces. Then she meets bad boy extraordinaire Sean Right Hook Reilly and her life takes a turn she never imagined it would. She is taken by Sean and wants more from him. She actually wants a relationship with him and she is scared. No one has ever done things to her heart the way Sean does. She is scared but she is ready to let Sean in her life. The only problem is she does not know Sean is in the mob. Is it worth fighting for? Will Sean be able to get out of the mob life without getting killed? Will Hadlee allow her heart to love and her body to surrender to Sean?

This is a must read! It is hot, steamy and an adventure into the unknown for both Sean and Hadlee. I can't wait for the next book in the series. Thank you Lauren for this EPIC read! 
It all began with a dinosaur, a T-Rex to be exact. He was the main character in my very first short story. Me and T, well, we went places. He is the reason I won my first essay contest at age ten. And he is probably one of the number one reasons, I pursued a career in writing. 

Throughout highschool, I was what you would call a rebel. Someone who had convinced herself that she had life figured out at age sixteen. Still, writing was my only safe-haven during that time. I wrote notebooks full of poetry, even writing fellow classmates papers for them. 

Unbeknowest to me, creative writing, seemed to be my one, true calling, my passion in life. 

At age twenty, I began writing my first novel. After that, everything seemed to fall into place. 

I won Best Poets and Poems of 2007, and The Editor's Choice award for my poem, Summer Days. 

Also, during that time I wrote or co-wrote fifteen different screenplays, some which earned me finalist spot in various screenplay competitions. 

In 2010, I've come full force, with my novel Love Sucks, that was released by Punkin House Press, in August of 2010. On top of Love Sucks, I have six novels that are slated to be released through the next five years. Also, doing some various marketing work for authors and publishers. 

I pride myself in telling fellow writers to always follow their dreams. Who knows where I would be if I would have given up.

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