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Careful (The Careful, Quiet, Invisible Series, #1) by Isobella Jade Blog Tour Stop

Careful (The Careful, Quiet, Invisible Series #1)
By Isobella Jade
Release Date: July 26, 2012
292 pages

"I couldn’t feel my arms or legs. My neck, my hair, my stomach—they weren’t mine anymore."

If you lived in Willow Ridge, a town based on Jade’s hometown called Liverpool in Central New York, you’d know of Estella Montclair. Estella is one of the top high school sprinters around and she’s in the newspaper all the time.

After Estella Montclair is killed in a texting and driving crash, what remains of her face and body is devastating.

But not all of her has died.

During the first month after her death, Estella’s spirit travels among her living friends and family. Her best friends Zara, Eva and Jett show her how pain and sorrow can break apart or strengthen a bond. She also sees for the first time that loss can spark revenge, catastrophe can come without warning, and we all have secrets. She wonders if her chance for love with Phoenix has passed her by, and if out of sight truly means out of mind.

And maybe one day the girl who caused her death will admit her mistake.

While adjusting to a new state of being, Estella struggles to face the limitations that come with death, but blossoms by recognizing she can still touch the lives of the people she once knew so well.

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Careful is one of those books you read and it stays with you forever. I am so thankful I was able to read an ARC copy and be a part of this tour by YA Bound. I have to say that as a mother of a soon to be teen it scares me how people text and drive. People don't understand the danger that comes from doing that. Careful takes us into the life of Estella Montclair who is killed by a person texting and driving.

The only thing is is that Estella is not totally dead. Her spirit lives on and she goes to see her friends and family to comfort them. As she sees her friends living out their lives she will witness what loss and grief will do to a person. Her best friends are trying to move on but they can't. it is just to hard on them and her family is completely devastated. In this devastation she will see how revenge will be fueled.

Estella also longs to see if the person who killed her will come out and speak the truth. Wishful thinking maybe? Come along on this heart wrenching story of love, loss and grief and the the aftermath of death. What would you do if you killed someone while texting and driving? Would you own up to it or would you let it pass on by? Come along with Estella and her friends and see what happens when a body dies but the spirit refuses to.

Isobella Jade is an author, petite model and a wizard of self-promotion. Her modeling memoir Almost 5'4" is her personal memoir about being a shorter-than-average model in NYC, the ins and outs and highs and lows of striving to beat the odds. Her graphic novel Model Life was released in November 2009 and Short Stuff is her collection of on-the-job experiences that took place after Almost 5'4" and includes modeling tips for shorter girls. Her most recent work is a new YA novel called Careful, the first book of the Careful, Quiet, Invisible series.


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