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Emerge by Lila Felix Review, Interview and Giveaway

Jenna has spent too long being complacent and accepting. Her mother and step-father constantly belittle and berate her for simply being alive. She passes through life keeping everyone and everything at arm’s length because it’s just not worth the questions or the pity party. She takes what they dish out and just tries to survive.

She has thought up a million different ways to get away from them, but lacked the motivation and the sheer will. Like a fast moving tornado, her motivation comes in the form of a boy who cares for her as none other has and who shows her a glimpse of hope, a glimpse into a life she never thought she could have.

But is her new motivation enough to get her out…



Emerge is one of those stories that will stay with you forever. You are so drawn into Jenna's story that you are right there with her feeling her pain and feeling her love. She is a strong character that knows right from wrong and lives with all the wrongs that were done to her. Despite her family trying to bring her down she laughs and smiles and keeps her spirits up and in the end something totally epic happens to her and she shines like the star she is.

Jenna lives her life on eggshells. She never knows who she is going to come home to. Her mother is bipolar and she has her different personalities and when she comes home she has to be careful not to upset her mother because there will be hell to pay. So Jenna comes home and takes care of her sister and goes to work. She avoids her mother and step father by going to school and keeping out of trouble. That is until she meets Carlos.

Jenna's English class is combined with another class and they meet up in the drama room. There she meets the guy of her dreams. She sees him across the way and can't stop staring at him. She is caught staring at him but he only smiles at her and thus the beginning of her first relationship with a boy. Carlos and Jenna start up a friendship that grows more and more each day until they have a relationship. Carlos is such a gentlemen never forcing her to do anything and never asking anything from her. As their relationship gets stronger Jenna gets stronger and realizes that she does not have to live with the abuse she has to endure everyday because she is eighteen and she can go off on her own.

Through the help of a neighbor and Carlos Jenna gets away from her abusive mother and starts a life with Carlos by her side. To me Carlos is what a man really is. He takes care of her and loves her and expects nothing back in return. He loves her and encourages her to do whatever it is she wants in life. This story tugged at my heart and I so love loved it! This is one of those romances where you say WOW can I please clone the main male character.I recommend it to everyone! Happy Reading and get some tissues because once you see how a man is supposed to treat a woman you will be crying like a crazy person!


Today I would like to welcome Lila Felix author of Emerge. This is a story about love, loss and redemption. Lila thank you for stopping by to hang out with A Diary Of A book Addict readers. I read your book in one day and I have to say I laughed and cried and screamed when I read the epilogue. I just absolutely loved it and I am so grateful you stopped by today to answer some questions for your fans!

Why did Jenna stay so long with her mother? Why didn’t she just go live with her dad?

This is tough. I think that sometimes when people have been living in an abusive situation for so long that they just start to accept it as normal. It’s a sad situation, but I think Jenna had just given up on having anything better. Jenna’s Dad, and this wasn’t in the book, gave up custody of her in court when she was little. I think she was still a little hung up about that, which is why she didn’t seek him out sooner.

When Jenna first saw Carlos in class what was she really thinking about him?

You mean other than she wanted to climb in his lap and kiss the Drama Class right out of him? Well, she saw something in him that she had never seen before. She saw the first glimpse of someone who didn’t expect anything in return for his love. She saw comfort and compassion and security. It was all new for her, but she recognized it immediately.

When Carlos first spoke to Jenna was she afraid to talk to him?

Let’s put it this way; she was so nervous that her voice was even shaking. Poor Jenna, at one point her innards were shaking like a Chihuahua on meth. She was afraid that whatever hope she had she would kill with one conversation. She had no self-esteem.

How long did Carlos like Jenna before he saw her in the Drama class?

That boy tortured himself for months after he saw her get onto the bus through the school gates. He took different walkways around school and scoped out lunch spots and even started asking random people if they knew her. He drove himself ape crap about it.

Why did Carlos have to work so much? Where were his parents and brother?

Carlos shared an apartment with his brother Saul because they didn’t want to live with their Dad and Step-Mom anymore. And Saul wasn’t…um…keeping up with his share. So Carlos worked and worked and worked. Also, a cool thing about Carlos, that Jenna didn’t discover until later, was that his mom lived in Central America and sent money to her every week to help out. Makes you love him more, huh?

What was going through Carlos’s mind when Jenna told him she was going to visit her father?

Well, a lot of things. He wanted her to see her Dad, he did. But it was also hard knowing that she would be so far away and that her Mom would be close and he was too far away to do anything if something happened to her.

Can you tell us 7 random things about Carlos and Jenna that we did not get to read about?

1. Carlos and Jenna are closet Metallica super fans. Their song is “Nothing Else Matters”

2. Carlos has a serious watch fetish.

3. Jenna is deathly afraid of live fish and dead whole fish. Their eyes freak her out!

4. Their first two babies were preemies.

5. Jenna will not let anyone but Carlos touch her feet…ever.

6. Carlos has a tattoo of a thunderbird on the back of his thigh that Jenna didn’t see until…um…later.

7. There is always ice cream in their refrigerator, always.

Where is your favorite place to write?

In my big ugly pink old chair. It’s so ugly but so comfy.

Do you have any other books in the works right now? I have to say Emerge is a re-read for me because I loved it so much!

Ugh…that makes me just giddy! Yes, I am working on Perchance right now, which might have a sequel called Perhaps. It’s about Cooper and Remi but that’s all I’m going to say for now. I am shooting for an early October release. I’m excited for everyone to read this one!

Lila thank you so much for stopping by and answering my questions. I am looking forward to reading more from you and also if you could let me clone Carlos I would greatly appreciate it because I need me a Carlos in my life!

Thank you Tee! Carlos is one of a kind and meant only for Jenna. But I firmly believe that there’s a Carlos out there for everyone!

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