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IndieSage PR Presents an Alpha Squad: The Complete Audio Collection by Lorelei Moone A Collection of Steamy Bear/Wolf Shifter Paranormal Romance

Alpha Squad: The Complete Audio Collection by Lorelei Moone 
A Collection of Steamy Bear/Wolf Shifter Paranormal Romance 
Publication Date: November 15, 2018 
Genres: Adult, Audiobook, Paranormal, Romance, Shifters, Novella, Standalone


Why can’t shifters and humans just get along?

It has only been a few months since humanity found out about the various shifters who live among them. This brave new world is not without its challenges, neither for the humans nor the shifters. Alpha Squad is formed to help law-enforcement agencies deal with shifter-related matters, and not a moment too soon! Follow the brave men and women of the squad as they try to come to terms with their new reality, catch criminals, and find love along the way.

Join Alpha Squad in this steamy paranormal romance you won’t want to put down. If you like Alpha City by Bryce Evans or Bear Patrol by Scarlett Grove, then you will love the Alpha Squad series by Lorelei Moone!

Boot Camp:
Bear-shifter Eric King is asked to join Alpha Squad, a task force meant to promote cooperation between shifters and humans in law enforcement, but there are problems: Is Alpha Squad even a serious initiative? And how will he focus on his training when his inner bear insists the squad leader is his mate?

My Review:


I had the privilege to listen to this series on audible Narrated by Audrey Lusk and I have to say that I loved it! I loved how Audrey told this story, her voice was so melodic it had me in a trance. This series started off with a big bang! I love a shifter story but this one was excellent and I can't say enough about this story. I do not want to give it away but I will give you a simple review for you to get the jist of the story.

The world has found out that there are shifters amongst them and are afraid. They do not want to be attacked and want to know they are going to be safe. So the government sets up a task force with the shifters and humans. The shifters are represented by Eric King and the human representative is Janine Williams. As these two work together things start to heat up when Eric realizes that Janine is his true mate.

Can Eric convince Janine that she is his true soul mate? Or will Janine going to run the other way?

Eric took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He should have just stayed behind at that service station, perhaps tried to strike up more of a conversation with the mysterious woman who had caught his eye there. Or ideally, he should have risked Henry's disapproval and refused to join the task force. Anything was better than this. 

Back to the mystery woman. And what a woman she was. A regal beauty, with a voice that had set his heart alight. His inner bear had tried its best to claw to the surface; he'd hardly been able to control the urge to shift right there in front of her.

How would she have reacted if she'd seen his true form? Things had changed since the New Alliance's little stunt, coming out to the entire world media, but they hadn't changed that much for everyone. Humans were still apprehensive, and why wouldn't they be? Most of their kind were pretty damn scary looking.

Would she have screamed and run away? Or would she have been intrigued? 

He would never find out of course, because he'd let that opportunity pass him by when Adam had dragged him back to the restaurant for lunch. 

Where was she now? And was she thinking about their little encounter as much as he was?

So many questions he'd never get the answer to…

Instead, he was stuck here in this decrepit old building with a bunch of people, none of whom seemed to want to be here. Except Blackwood the wolf, maybe. He had seemed like the most cheerful person here after Adam.

The sound of the door disturbed his gloomy thoughts, but he tried to ignore the intrusion.

"Attention!" Private Callahan's voice filled the dorm.

Eric opened his eyes and sat up straight on his bed. The top of his head almost touched the springs underneath Adam's mattress above. 

The private stepped aside and another woman marched into the room. 

Was he still daydreaming? He could not believe who had entered—the woman he'd just been fantasizing about. 

"Major Williams would like to say a few words," Private Callahan said. 

Major Williams. Eric was speechless. He had expected a grey-haired man, gruff like the SAS guy across the room, but perhaps more polished. Their commander was a woman. His woman. 

Major Williams scanned the room, slowly, pausing on each of the other trainees for a moment, then moving on to the next. Until she spotted Eric. She looked away instantly. Of course, she'd recognized him as well, and she did not look pleased to find him here.

"I am Major Janine Williams, your team leader. Welcome and thank you for joining Alpha Squad. Starting tomorrow, I will conduct your training, evaluate you, and report on the progress of this task force with the relevant higher authorities. The first phase of training starts in the morning and will last two weeks, at the end of which you will all be graded on various aspects of your performance. Anyone who is deemed unfit to continue will be asked to leave at that point, before phase two begins. Any questions?" 

Questions? Eric had so many of those. He did not speak, though.

"What do you mean, unfit? I was told I was being transferred here permanently," Ben, the younger of the two humans complained.

"You shall address me as Major Williams or Ma'am, first of all. Secondly, this task force is not a joke. Only those who are worthy will make the cut." The major glared at him from across the room. Eric couldn't help but be impressed by her show of authority. 

Cooper folded his arms and pressed his lips together.

"Do you understand? What's your name?" 

"Ben Cooper, Ma'am. Yes, I understand." 

Eric had trouble suppressing a smile. She wasn't going to take any crap from anyone, that much was obvious. It would only be a matter of time before Adam and the major would clash similarly. Amusingly, he found himself rooting not for his brother, but for the woman. Training under her command could get interesting.

She glanced at him for a split second, during which he did his best to hide his reaction. He would play along, fall in line, and do his best to fit into the squad. He owed it to Henry, but that was not the only reason. Fate had handed him a second chance after he recklessly failed to get her details earlier today. No matter what, Eric was not going to waste the opportunity. He'd prove his worth to her one way or another before training was over. 

"All right then, at ease, everyone," the major said, "You have a big day ahead of you and I suggest you take rest." 

Eric nodded, mostly to himself, and lay back on his cot again. Perhaps this whole Alpha Squad nonsense had a couple of silver linings after all.

Friends & Foes:
Alpha Squad has received its very first assignment, and bear-shifter Adam King is excited to jump headfirst into the action. Upon investigating a string of seemingly shifter-related murders, he finds himself torn between his job and the local police’s main suspect, Felicity Weir, female bear-shifter and Adam’s fated mate….

My Review:


This is book two in the series and HOLY HADES it started off with a bam! Adam is recruited for the first assignment. The shifter refugee camp in Sevenoaks is under attack and livestock is being killed and then humans are being killed. The team has to figure out who it is and there is one person who is on their radar and it's one of their own Felicity.

Adam knows it is not Felicity but he has to prove it and it is going to be hard to prove when he is emotionally invested because Adam knows that Felicity is his true mate. Adam is struggling with his inner bear because he wants Felicity to be his mate. Felicity has dedicated her life to helping her people find housing and start their lives over again in a safe environment.As they follow the clues to catch the killer they soon find out that the person involved is someone they would have never expected.

Can they catch the killer before they run? Can he clear Felicity's name? Is Felicity going to become his true mate?

Never before had Felicity believed that she needed anyone; not really. She had always handled her life, both professional and personal, on her own. Sure, she sometimes confided in her parents. In the past, she'd at times confided in her ex-best friend, Joy, but none of those interactions had made her feel anything like what she felt now with Adam.

The memory of their kiss was still fresh. She could still feel a tingle in the exact spot where his lips had touched hers. Their connection was intense. Not just because it was new, but because it was real. She'd felt the bond. She'd heard his thoughts and felt his feelings and felt at one with him.

It had come to an end much too soon.

"Ms. Weir, if you don't mind… I asked you a question!" Detective Nye insisted.

She shook her head and tried to focus. What question?

"I'm sorry?" she stammered.

"Why were you at the camp this morning?" the detective repeated himself.

Felicity frowned at him. Was he serious?

"For the same reason you were, I imagine?"

"I want to hear it in your own words," the man said.

She shook her head in disbelief. Was he being thick on purpose or what?

"I got a call about the fire, and I came as soon as I could. One of the families I work with, their youngest was stuck inside one of the classrooms. I did my best to get her out."

"The child is what, a wolf? Some other animal?" the detective asked.

Felicity was getting more and more frustrated. What sort of questions were these? "If you must know, shifters don't acquire the ability to transform until puberty. So technically she would be no different from any human child."

"And then?"

And then… The fire had blocked her exit; she feared certain death, but then Adam had arrived. Surely people would have seen all that? Why on earth ask all these daft questions?

"Adam got us out of the building."

"U-huh, Adam, you say. Adam King, member of Alpha Squad and bear shifter, just like you are, correct?"

"I suppose so," Felicity mumbled.

"Right." Detective Nye went quiet as he made some notes, presumably of her answers.

Felicity tried to compose herself, but instead, her anger flared up. How dare this guy waste her time as though she had done something wrong? And Adam, as well. He had saved them. Who the hell did this idiot think he was?

"Can I go now?" she said. "I'm assuming I'm not under arrest for trying to save an innocent four-year-old, right?"

Detective Nye smiled briefly, though it was obviously disingenuous. His eyes were too cold and calculating, making his attempt at a smile look more like a grimace.

"Good," Felicity said and walked off without acknowledging the man any further. She wasn't quite sure what his deal was, but he really had it in for her. The way he’d even attempted to twist the rescue of a young child from a fire into something negative. Obviously, this man had issues and prejudices against her kind that severely impaired his judgment.

For the past six months, Thomas Blackwood has been serving two masters: He’s been an active part of Alpha Squad, but only on his old alpha’s say-so. When he finds himself stuck in between two sets of clashing orders, he must make a choice: Who does he truly serve? And what would the woman of his dreams, Private Callahan, think of him if she knew he was a traitor?

My Review:


Lordy Lordy Lordy was what I was thinking while I was listening to this story. This is the third story in the series and it keeps getting better and better. I really loved this one because Thomas is the man. I loved how he was torn between his Alpha and his true soul mate. He is caught up in a web with his pack and he has to decide whether or not he is going to follow his pack or follow his heart.

Thomas's pack leader asks him to spy on the team and tell him everything that is going on. At first Thomas does this but he soon feels like he should be loyal to the team and his mate. There is a string of crimes going on and Thomas and the team must figure out who is committing these crimes. This is hard for him because he is not sure who to trust and who to believe. 

Jill is watching Thomas because he is acting weird and she wants to know what is going on with him. As she delves deeper into what Thomas is doing she learns that she has feelings for him and more than a friendship but she can't act upon those feelings until she finds out what is really going on with Thomas.

Who will Thomas choose? Will he and Jill become mates? This one was such a rollercoaster ride I was sitting in my chair gripping it because I needed to know what was going to happen next.



*Six Months Ago*

"Thomas," Eric Blackwood, alpha of the Wolf settlement in Rannoch, Scotland, spoke in a low but determined voice.

"Yes, Alpha." Thomas Blackwood averted his gaze, as was customary when the pack leader addressed an underling. 

"As you know, since the emergence of the New Alliance and the exposure of our kind to the world, we’ve been trailing behind the rest of shifterkind in our efforts to come to terms with the new reality. Now that the human government is starting some kind of law enforcement program with the New Alliance, we cannot afford to remain complacent any longer. We must act!"

Thomas blinked a few times. Where was this conversation headed? "I agree, Sir." 

"What would you say if I asked you to join this new initiative? To be our eyes and ears within this… what is it called again?"

"Alpha Squad, Sir." 

Alpha Blackwood scoffed. "That's right. Alpha Squad. I’ve managed to pull a few strings and get you inserted into their training program. The rest is up to you. Failure is not an option; our pack relies on you." 

Thomas took a deep breath and nodded solemnly. He would not let down his alpha, or the rest of the pack. It was a great honor to be chosen for a mission such as this, and he would never forgive himself if he messed it up.

Plus, this would be the first time he'd actually move out of Rannoch. It was a chance unlike any other to see what the rest of the world was like, and he was keen to learn everything he could.

"A lot rests on your shoulders, but I wouldn't have chosen you for the job unless I thought you could hack it," the alpha said. "It's a delicate matter, and you'll understand that I prefer to keep things in the family for now…"

Thomas nodded again. Ever since Alpha Blackwood had sent his very own daughter to Edinburgh to work with the Alliance about a year ago, there weren't any other Blackwoods in the pack to take on a job like this. Thomas, being the alpha's nephew, was a logical choice. More so since Thomas's very own parents had passed away a few years back and the alpha and his wife had taken a special interest in his education and upbringing. He owed his aunt and uncle a lot, and now the time had come for him to repay them. 

"Thank you, Sir. I will do my best."

The alpha rested his hand on Thomas's shoulder. 

Even though his hair was starting to grey around his temples, Alpha Blackwood was an impressive looking man. His large, strong hand weighed heavy on Thomas's shoulder, even though the younger wolf was no weakling himself. 

"The physical training should not challenge you too much. Focus your energy on making the others trust you. They must never suspect that you report to me." 

"No problem," Thomas said firmly, even though the prospect of having to deceive fellow trainees and the squad's leadership was a worrying one. He wasn't a liar by nature. 

But if his alpha commanded it, he had to obey. That was how wolf society worked. 

"Good. Training begins on Monday. Pack up your things and someone will take you to the train station later today. All the arrangements have been made." 

Thomas swallowed hard. Later today? 

He'd been around when Heidi, his cousin, left for Edinburgh last year. He'd heard the rumors of how the whole thing went down and even watched as she got into one of the pack's Jeeps, never to be seen again. She hadn't had any more notice than this, so how could he expect anything different for himself? He wasn't even the alpha's direct offspring. 

So he didn't argue, and did what he was told. 

Packing did not take long. Even so, he didn't have much time for goodbyes.

He didn't permit himself to think or analyze the situation too much. These were his orders, and he would follow them to the best of his abilities.

Only when he found himself alone on the train later in the day did he take a short breather. 

How strange, leaving Rannoch. Heidi had never come back home and although rumors were plentiful, Thomas had no real idea why her departure had been permanent.

Was it by choice? Had something happened to her out here? 

The world outside of Rannoch was a big place. Perhaps she'd been ill-equipped to deal with it all and gotten herself into trouble. They were cousins, and not too far apart in age, but they'd never been close. Still, he couldn't help but wonder what might’ve happened to her. 

And what would become of him? Would he be successful? Would he be able to keep his true orders under wraps and fool his fellow recruits? 

What would happen if he was found out? 

His train came to a halt in a quiet station and he observed a tearful reunion outside on the platform. A young couple, overjoyed to see each other again.

Perhaps the outside world wasn't all bad. He'd stood by and watched as some of his peers had paired up around him within Rannoch itself. But he'd never felt any attraction or pull toward any of the she-wolves in his age group. 

This mission into the great unknown might make him cross paths with his own mate. He certainly hoped so.

She had to be out there somewhere; he just hadn't met her yet…

Upon joining Alpha Squad, bear-shifter-hybrid Sean McMillan realizes there’s a lot more to being a shifter than occasionally sprouting some fur. His first mission: a double murder. That shouldn’t be too hard for the experienced former police detective, but he didn’t count on coming across lab assistant Erin Reid, who shows an unusual amount of interest in him. Strangely, the feeling is mutual….

My Review:


Oh Man listening to this story had me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. Sean has lived his life like a human not like a shifter so he is used to doing human things and not shifter things. So when he joins the Alpha team he is introduced to a new world and way of living. It is not easy for him to adjust but he does because he is ready to help his team out. There are murders happening and he wants to solve them and plus he is good at solving crimes.

Sean runs into some trouble when he is investigating the crimes and he is not sure what to do about this witness. He wants to believe her but he also feels something is off about her and suspects she knows more than she is saying. Plus Seans inner shifter wants to claim this woman as his own.

Erin's research project is boring so she thinks until she finds out that her research is more than what it seems and she will have to decide whose side she is on and what she is going to do but she vows to make it right and help Sean and his team out to discover the truth.

Joining Alpha Squad was never meant to be easy. 

Sean McMillan rested both hands on the wash basin, with his eyes fixed straight ahead at the mirror. He wasn't looking at himself as such, just staring through his reflection at nothing. 

Bentley—the gruff former SAS man responsible for his training—had warned him before he'd started boot camp; the others on the squad had joked and teased him about the same. 

But the intense training he’d undergone hadn't bothered him. He’d welcomed the physical and mental challenges. And anyway, training was over now. He'd survived.

What ate at him this morning—most mornings, actually—went much deeper.

Had he made the right choice?

His career on the Kent police force had been on an upward trajectory. At just under thirty, he'd made detective. He'd enjoyed the work and was good at it. 

And ever since the string of murders near the Sevenoaks shifter refugee camp had been solved, things had gone a little nuts. He'd been singled out as somewhat of a hero and been given his pick of cases and assignments. 

And yet, he'd left everything behind to join Alpha Squad.

Justifications for this decision were easy to sum up; the chance to do something different; to make a difference on a national scale; to be a part of a new agency which enjoyed the support of an entire government ministry. Still, none of that rang true; Sean could not explain to himself why he was really here. 

He did not belong.

This wasn't a new feeling, of course. He'd always carried with him a sense that he was different somehow even when he was young. When he hit puberty, his dad had taken him aside and explained a few things about what it meant to be a shifter. About the importance of getting his urges under control. To keep his nature a secret at all costs. 

He was already taller and stronger than most boys his age, so nobody really messed with him. But he didn't have a lot of friends in secondary school either. Not that that bothered him.

Sean had always been quite content in his own company. He preferred listening to talking, something that would serve him well in his professional life so far.

What he found hard to accept was that there was this whole other side to him which he was just meant to ignore. He'd gotten over it though. And now he was facing the other side of that dilemma.

Here he was, part of a brave new world where shifters no longer needed to hide. That dirty little secret he'd carried with him all his life was no longer a secret. The team consisted of more shifters than humans, and they didn't shy away from showing off their peculiar transformational talents should the situation demand it. Even if it didn't. It was like it was all a big game to them.

That was the biggest shock he'd faced upon arriving on base. It wasn't uncommon for one or more of the team to spontaneously morph into their animal selves to go out for a run around the woods. No matter how often they'd encouraged him to join in, Sean had been unable to bring himself to. It simply felt wrong to let his animal side out.

He forced himself to snap out of his pointless thoughts by splashing cold water on his face. Onwards and upwards. He'd chosen to be a part of the squad, so he wouldn't allow himself to give up so easily. Perhaps once he went on his first mission, all these doubts would fade. 

Read The Entire Series Here On Goodreads:

Lorelei Moone is an author of paranormal / fantasy romance based in London. A lover of all things sweet, and caffeinated, when she’s not writing about sexy bear shifters and their strong-willed curvaceous love interests, Lorelei can be found baking cookies or cakes for her family.


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