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*** New Release Coming Soon *** Calm's Storm (Razorblade Tumbleweeds MC Book 1) by CM Genovese

Link is the Razorblade Tumbleweeds motorcycle club's VP, and he busts his ass trying to keep his President out of trouble. As much as he loves the old man, Pres's downward spiral is ruining everything, and it's not helping that his daughter is about to abandon the MC lifestyle for some ritzy dance academy. 

Tesla is nineteen years old and is leaving home for the first time. She wishes things were different, but if she doesn't leave now, she'll grow up to be just like her mom; an ol' lady with no life of her own. She's leaving in the morning... if Link doesn't come around and finally try to convince her to stay. 

This is a prequel novella meant to give you a sneak peek into my Razorblade Tumbleweeds MC lifestyle. 

Calm's Storm: Razorblade Tumbleweeds MC book 1 is up for pre-order right now on Amazon. If you like this prequel, please go pick up a copy of book 1. 

Anger's Fade Free Prequel:

January 1st, Calm's Storm goes live.

Calm's Storm
 (Razorblade Tumbleweeds MC Book 1)

The heart revs harder with gasoline in the veins. 

Tesla’s love for dancing runs deeper than her toleration of her father’s MC lifestyle. That’s why she left the Razorblade Tumbleweeds motorcycle club in the first place. The academy seemed like her best bet, but all that fire in her heart and hatred in her soul keeps her dancing in a fit of rage instead of elegant grace. Realizing she can’t escape her past, she heads home to try and face all the heartache she thought she’d left behind. 

Link is the new President of his MC. It’s been years since Tesla, the princess to the Razorblade Tumbleweed throne, stomped out of his world on her way to dance for fancy rich folks under bright spotlights. Of course, when things didn’t work out, she headed home. Now, not only does he need to harness all those hidden desires, he also has to help her with her new strip club idea, which means pissing off the locals, the cops, a rival MC, and some sick and twisted reverend from a religious cult. 

Rye is about to turn eighteen, and in his religious community of Red Chapel, that means he can start to choose his wives. Life seems good until he finds out the young woman he loves more than anything in the world is betrothed to The Reverend, their sadistic religious leader with an insatiable appetite for power, pain, and pleasure. His only escape seems to be that ruthless band of outlaws he’s always been warned about. If he can only convince Grace to join him and Link to accept him. 

Bikers, strippers, and religious zealots collide to create the Calm’s Storm. 


January 1st, Calm's Storm goes live.
Pre-Order of Calm's Storm: 

About CM Genovese:
Love is not always patient. Love is not always kind. It cuts deep, and it scars. It sometimes hardens a fragile heart. CM Genovese spins sexy tales that pair bad boy alpha males with tough, wild, and feisty women. Both with quick tongues and fiery tempers. Neither with a hint of inhibition. Real romance doesn't take place on rose petals. It happens on the hood of a car. This is romance in the raw.

If you haven't already, go pick up a copy of Anger's Fade, a free prequel to the Razorblade Tumbleweeds MC series by copy/pasting the following link into your browser:

Chris Genovese is a romance author. Okay…naughty and wild romance but still romance…why am I writing this in third person? I’m talking about me! How egotistical am I? Geez.

I’m just an average guy. I’m a father of four, a devoted husband, and I absolutely love and cherish my readers, fans, and friends. When I’m not busy having writers’ ADD, meaning I can’t stay focused on one story idea without bouncing around to ten others, you’ll usually find me either hanging out with my family or doing online events and takeovers, where I hang out with my fans, talk dirty, and play wild games.

I write comedy, horror, dystopian, poetry, and the naughty versions of just about every other genre. I like to say that I take all the genres you love, and I set them on fire.

Who doesn’t love a little bit of fire every now and then? Especially with some music blaring and a cold beer…see? There I go again. Writers’ ADD.

Come join me on this wild ride. It’ll be a freakin’ blast!


Carver Pike is the darker, more twisted alter ego of erotica writer Chris Genovese. Where Chris tends to write erotic comedies, poetry, and other fun but sexy tales, Carver likes to stick a knife in it and wiggle it around. If you’re looking for horror, thriller, and dark fantasy with an erotic twist, you’ve come to the right man. Who knew scary could be so sexy?

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