Saturday, December 8, 2018

InkSlinger Promotions Presents a Blog Tour for As You Were by Lee Piper

Today we have the blog tour for AS YOU WERE by Lee Piper! Check it out and grab your copy today!


Author: Lee Piper

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About As You Were:

They say love is beautiful. They lie. Love is a dark, broken man with whiskey-colored eyes. Love is knowing he will never return my feelings. It is the final chord of a guitar riff as it bleeds into silence. Love is Zeke Danton. I convinced myself I needed him. I thought there was no one better to record my debut album with… I was wrong. Encased in layers of ice, he wears his pain like a protective shield. Wanting what I can’t have might ruin me. But so help me, I crave his destruction.

Lee Piper you have ROCKED my world! I absolutely loved Zeke and Willow. This couple just jumped out of the pages into my life and stole my heart. Zeke is 100% all alpha male and I loved that about him. He was a moody grumpy eff but deep down inside he is a loving and caring alpha male. Willow oh how I loved Willow. She is a strong alpha female who knows what she wants and goes after it no matter what happens. She is willing to go the extra mile and put herself out there and that made her one of my favorite characters.

I also loved the side characters. They made the story so much better and I loved how they rallied around Zeke and Willow. This is one of those stories I will reread again and again and love more and more with each read.


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About the Author:

 Lee Piper is a lover of books. She often juggles reading seven novels at a time for the sheer joy of it. When not writing, she is either reading, at the beach, or eating her body weight in chocolate. Lee Piper's debut novel, Rock My World became a bestseller and was a Raven Award finalist for Favorite Contemporary Romance and Favorite Cover. Her second novel, Rock My Body, was voted Best Book by LASR Readers and was a finalist in the 2017 Readers' Choice Award. Lie to Me, Book #1 in the Rising Star series was reached number seventy-eight in the 2018 Goodreads Readers' Choice Award. Lee Piper lives in South Australia, with her drummer husband, cheeky daughters, and neurotic dog.

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